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Our Values

Hedgehob lab approach


Remaining focused

We’re not an ‘integrated’, ‘full service’, or ‘marcomms’ agency - or simply put, a ‘jack of all trades’.

Many companies will try to upsell additional services such as SEO, media planning or a thousand other things to their clients. That’s just not us.

We focus solely on designing & building great post-PC software. It’s what we do best.


Build apps and software people love to use

We aren’t content with building software that is merely useful or good.

We want to build the best products that our customers (and their customers) will love and rave about. We want our passion and skill for technology to be reflected in every project we work on.


Turn customers into fans

We constantly strive to exceed all expectations. For us, customer service isn’t an afterthought - it’s a core part of our business.

Our commitment to exceptional customer service is just one of factors that gives us the edge in this highly competitive industry.


People are our greatest assets

Although our business is building software, we believe that our people are our most valuable intellectual property.

We believe that if you create a great working environment for people and empower them with the right tools, great products and service will be natural outcomes.

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Our Team

Without a great team, we don’t have a business. We constantly thrive to instill and maintain a culture that encourages people to do the best work they can while shunning politics and the typical bulls**t that permeates the corporate world.

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6 locations worldwide - Newcastle, London, Boston, Austin, Copenhagen, India


The impact that internet has had on retail hardly needs re-emphasising. Yet recent research from OC&C Strategy Consultants, PayPal and Google certainly offers a neat crystallisation of the change the sector has undergone, highlighting how British shoppers now spend £1 in every £5 online. Within three years, it suggests, online shopping in the UK, US, Chinese and German markets will double in size to be worth £645bn.


With the recent explosion in the vaping scene, it came as no surprise when we were approached by a company considering branching into it with an app. What was a tad surprising was that initial research revealed the app market is currently rather sparse when it comes to this growing sector.

Free Whitepaper

At hedgehog lab, we believe that mobile has the potential to fundamentally alter the face of healthcare industry.

This white paper, produced through our insights as an app developer combined with research, lays out the main reasons why technology is going to transform the healthcare industry. We will be exploring the key areas of development and highlighting the challenges that need to be overcome to make the most of the available opportunities by talking about:

  • The Tech-ready Market

  • Future Trends – The rise of health app development

  • Wearables: beyond the novelty

  • Big data and Analytics

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