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CVLT Fitness

Our client, a crossfit enthusiast, had been sharing workout instructions in his local gym, relying on a whiteboard. He saw, however, that a more high tech solution would offer benefits, from increased accessibility to improved performance monitoring.

CVLT Group workout screen and workout builder screens on black and white iPhone 6s

Our solution, the iOS-based CVLT Fitness app, not only gives people the ability to build, publish and share workouts in specific groups, but the chance to join diverse fitness communities, with whom results can be compared via real-time leaderboards – all through a few clicks on a phone.

For brands, there are likewise social media promotion opportunities, and those who wish to limit who can join their groups can do so through three levels of privacy settings. CVLT Fitness also provides clear, comparative performance tracking, and automatic notifications of workout delivery and submissions. The tool was first released to a small trial group, who provided feedback, leading to improvements.

Michael Hutchinson, a designer on the project, said: “The main challenge was getting to grips with the complexity of the workouts we were representing – so many movements we didn’t even know existed! – and how they were categorised. We almost had to get to the point where our knowledge was comparable to that of coaches themselves.

Also, some of the workouts are measured in minutes while others are measured in kilograms, adding to the complexity. But, through a group effort, we managed to come up with the best solution. Our designers also contributed to the branding and look of the app, which, through the use of a striking lime green, has a very ‘sporty’ feel to it.”

Project manager Mark Potter added: “With varying levels of resource available throughout and time pressure building as the app concept developed organically to incorporate new features, this was a challenging project in many respects. We are, however, extremely pleased with the end result, which we hope will be of great use to the client – and many more within the fitness world.”

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