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Paediatric Pathbreaking Technologies Whitepaper

How technology can help healthcare professionals treat young patients.

The idea of controlling and reducing children’s anxiety in a hospital setting is of great importance. Strategies to reduce their anxiety can have a significant impact on children’s experiences, the quality of care, and healthcare costs. This whitepaper explores the subject by looking at:

  • On-screen gaming consoles with anaesthetic administration and monitoring systems

  • Wearable displays

  • Sensory Rover Distraction Units

  • Creating an immersive experience through emotive images


Retail in a post-PC world: A hedgehog lab report.

Understand trends in retail industry.

This white paper offers an in-depth review of the retail sector, looking at changing trends and strategies retail brands can adopt to survive and thrive amidst growing competition. Through our primary and secondary research, we provide valuable insights and guidance to retail brands facing challenges in this ever-evolving landscape.

  • Changing trends in the retail sector

  • Broader trends from primary and secondary research

  • Building better experiences to boost sales

  • Digital platforms leveraging the retail experience

  • The Road Ahead


Designing an Apple TV experience for a challenger bank – A hedgehog lab formula

Understand the fintech sector

This document aims to look into the exciting and fast paced fintech market. With billions of pounds being pumped into this sector over the last couple of years all over the world, it really is one of the most exciting markets, offering lots of opportunity for innovation.

  • Our understanding of the sector
  • Our identified Market levers for the Fintech space
  • “Advantage, challenger banks!”
  • Potential areas of digital disruption in fintech
  • The future for fintech


Insights App Development Best Practices Free ebook

Seven important articles for your business

Whilst having an app developed for your business can be an exciting experience, it’s also a steep learning curve. This e-book will give you the insights you need to secure the best possible ROI from your venture.

  • Why attentive design is a crucial element
  • Why are developers unbundling their apps?
  • Four ingredients for a perfect app (enterprise edition)
  • A mobile app developers checklist
  • Four essential requirements to launch your app
  • Five ways to get top ratings for your app


Connected Cars –  State of the industry report

Why you should invest in connected cars

Through this report we aim to identify present and emerging technologies, changing innovation trends, the ability of the customers to adapt to it, and the overall influence of trends and technologies on the automobile sector

  • Building the case for connected cars
  • Connecting the dots in the automotive sector
  • Quest for the right technology
  • Role of third party services
  • Why invest in connected cars?


Five mobile trends that are transforming Banking

The future of banking is mobile

From ATMs to digital platforms, banks have always been quick to adapt to new technologies, to provide better services to their customers. The biggest trends that are currently shaping the way financial transactions will be managed in future are in mobile. Our whitepaper offers exclusive insights

  • How will banks use apps?
  • Digital Payment
  • NFC technology
  • Password / Security
  • Wearables


All you need to know about Apple TV

Apps are the future of TV

The 4th generation of Apple’s set-top box device will bring with it a huge list of changes. Not only in how the service works, but in how the Apple TV and the Apple ecosystem – including App Developers – have worked together until now. Our whitepaper offers exclusive insights

  • What is the market size for Apple TV?
  • How to bring existing apps to Apple TV
  • What is tvOS?
  • Making new apps for Apple TV


Handbook for Mobile Retail Strategy

Everything you need to know to plan ahead

Mobile has become an integral component of IT strategy for the retail industry, we understand it and have hence identified a few features that we think would make a killer retail mobile app.

This handbook offers exclusive insights into effective retail mobile strategy, like

  • Selecting the right platform
  • Deciding the right mix of features
  • Integrating new technologies
  • Attentive design


Wearable Technologies

Wearable tech and what it means for you and your business

  • Why wearables will become so important
  • How you can benefit from this new sector
  • Game changer – find out what the long-term impact on your industry will be
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