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Time & Materials

Our most straight forward model & a standard in the services industry, allows us to provide services to you in situations where the scope of your product and deliverables are simply too fuzzy. This applies to most new product development projects where there is a need to be agile and flexible in the scope of the product and the timescales for delivery.

The primary concern that partners have with this model is uncontrollable budgets and the lack of clear timescales. While this is not unusual for software in general, we can help to set some broad budget parameters by ensuring we provide high-level estimates priority to engagement. We also ensure that there is constant reporting on the project which ensures that you can control spend by making decisions about reducing the scope and allows you to stop at any point you are comfortable with.

Retained Partnership

Our retained partnership model allows us to build a relationship over a long term in return for a preferred commercial rate. Rather than pay time & materials, you get to access a fixed team of people full-time dedicated to you and would work out cheaper than paying our full time & materials rate.

It allows us to become your digital product development partner and help bring your product to life but also ensure we work with you to make it successful. If you don’t need a complete product team, we are happy to provide a dedicated team that provides the right fit for your needs; whether it’s a few designers or simply a pair of developers that can work alongside your existing team.

Fixed Price

The traditional way of software project development is to simply provide a fixed price and timescale for a project based on a pre-agreed scope, timeline and deliverables. This model is suitable for projects where there is a clear list of specifications, little to no change expected in features and a clear understanding of the final product. This model doesn’t fit an agile delivery and relies on traditional waterfall methods of software development where product delivery is one big milestone.

We would normally undertake a Pre-Discovery that allocates a broad budget for the project prior to engagement and finalise the specification during a Discovery phase which will give you a fixed price estimate and delivery timescales that are not changeable.

This model uses our standard rate card, which can be more expensive than other models due to the need for us to cover the risk of early commitment to estimates and scope.



Apple’s twenty-ninth WWDC opening keynote has been and gone. It came with the usual fanfare from the over 5,000 developers in attendance, and, of course, the watchful eyes of the world’s tech media who were there to try and pick apart every single announcement made by Tim Cook’s trusted team.

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The next wave of digital commerce

Find out how artificial intelligence (AI) can be utilised by retailers to harness every consumer interaction, turning it into data which can be used to create meaningful interactions, true personalisation and a new era of retail.

Our industry research piece explores:

  • Different types of AI
  • Why AI is the future of retail
  • How AI empowers hyper-personalisation
  • Ways AI can reduce friction in customer experiences
  • Challenges in the development of AI solutions
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