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With extensive experience in the development of mobile, web and immersive applications, hedgehog lab is host to some of the finest talent in the business.

Whether you're looking for a team capable of bringing your vision to life, one that can plug in to your own to enhance your current product or otherwise, our focus on shared vision helps to ensure great results.

Having already worked with a plethora of household names to bring products to market and enhance current offerings, we're here to support you.

Selecting an app development agency for your project

When it comes to choosing the right partner for your project, it can be daunting to delve into selection with an abundance of developers, technologies and processes available.

hedgehog lab is ranked as the number 1 app development company on the globe, a classification achieved via the direct feedback of those who have worked with us.

You can trust that our highly-admired and much-loved yet constantly evolving method will deliver an exceptional app capable of converting your users into fans.

Finding an app development agency to meet your needs

By placing focus on the end user, hedgehog lab inverts the typical process when it comes to identifying your needs, ensuring we'll always drive to learn more about not only your own needs but those of your customers too.

As a team of strategists that place user experience at the core of our work, our team are masters when it comes to identifying problems and delivering solutions for your user, and are proven in being just as effective in doing so remotely as in the same room.

Some of the world's most-famed blue chip companies have experienced the benefit of the unique approach our teams take, helping them to identify and introduce gamechanging solutions.

Working with hedgehog lab means working with our team of world-class designers, engineers and product managers, all under the guidance of our leading DevOps team and System Architects - ensuring you're on the leading edge of tech and innovation.

Choosing an app development agency that delivers results

hedgehog lab has worked with brands ranging from game-changing startups like Honcho to industry-leaders like Deliveroo, delivering products that have not only delivered results, but retained custom.

As a company, we're of the belief that a product launch is only the beginning of the journey. And whilst we're proven in delivering instant hits like Deliciously Ella or Kodak PixPax, it is our agile development process that ensures we're always looking towards the future and how we can continue to improve and help you to get more from your platform.

Whether it's to help you maintain competitive advantage, empower your team to become more efficient, delight your customers or otherwise, contact hedgehog lab for a team with demonstrable results both initially and in development.

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