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Apple Music – Our Thoughts So Far

Patrick Richardson07/08/2015Entertainmentalt

We’ve all seen the excitement surrounding the launch of Apple Music this year. This single service has pulled together various systems in Apple’s ecosystem, to create a holistic destination for music. Apple effectively brought together iTunes Radio, Downloaded Music, Streaming Service and a social network, enabling you to stay up to date with your favourite music and artists in a singular system.

To make this available to users, Apple released its 8.4 update. A defining factor of Apple Music, and we believe a reason behind its success, is the fact that the system was released globally. Unlike iTunes Radio, which was previously only launched in a few countries, anyone can access Apple Music, as well as the Radio service available to users.

Hosted by a star-studded line-up of celebrities from the music industry, the Radio service alone has had a big impact so far. These celebrities do not just add glamour to Apple Music and promote its acceptance; they also work closely with Apple to curate playlists and host the 24-hour worldwide broadcast of the Beats 1 radio show. These celebrities channel their passion for music into ensuring that users get the best quality and collection of songs, to create a station that the artists themselves would love to tune in to.


What’s Different About Apple Music?

Although users have experienced some confusion with the complicated on-boarding process, where it was unclear how to select favourite artists, overall the response to Apple Music has been positive. The sheer amount of information that is available to users after on boarding is just amazing. It takes some time for users to find their way around all the features and start understanding how Apple Music works, but it’s arguably worth it.

The “For You” section is one of the best in the streaming industry. It doesn’t just throw random songs at you as suggestions and expect you to love them. It almost feels like someone has sat down with you, listened to what music you like, and suggested a personalised list of music they think you would love.

The “New” section showcases a beautifully structured list of new music to users. Along with it are playlists, edited by Apple’s editors and some amazing artists, for certain moods, activities and genres.


A Global Music Community

These features, along with the fact that Apple is already catering to a global user base, makes this a formidable player in the music streaming industry. There are not many streaming services that provide services in multiple countries around the world at the same time, as well as providing almost all of their collection too. 

Previously, the music streaming experience would be completely different for a user in the US, than for a user in India. Apple has tried to eliminate these differences, enabling global users to enjoy the same experience listening to music that the US or UK markets usually have.

On the whole, we’re big fans of Apple Music so far. We love how Apple has worked hard to revolutionise the way music is consumed by users all over the world. And we imagine that this is only the beginning when looking at the range of features and services available to users.