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hedgehog lab: proud partners of Thinking Digital Conference 2015

Sarat Pediredla12/05/2015Press Releasesalt

Thinking Digital Conference (TDC) first began in 2008, and is hosted in hedgehog lab’s hometown of Newcastle Upon Tyne. Hugely successful in terms of attendees and the world-class speakers the conference attracts, it has rightly been dubbed as the UK’s answer to TED.

TDC 2015 kicks off next week, and runs for three days between the 19th and 21st of May. During this time, speakers from the BBC, IBM, Pixar and Microsoft, as well as few up-and-coming entrepreneurs, will all take to the stage to talk to the attendees on various interesting topics, ranging from business to the future of digital. Attendees can also take advantage of a fantastic selection of free workshops, including a Start Up Competition, Interactive Filmmaking, and 3D Printing.

We have been proud mobile partners for the conference for the last 3 years, and have been involved in the mobile app development of the conference app. Last week, you may have read our blog post looking at our checklist for updating an app. With TDC, we have been careful to follow industry best practices, working closely alongside the conference organisers, to ensure that this year’s version of the app provides the best possible experience for attendees of the conference.

The TDC app that we developed last year was received really well by event attendees, and we were really happy with the results.

However this year we have added a few more features to the app, to provide an even better experience to the users. Below are three features that have now been added to the TDC App:

Ask the speakers questions via the app:

In this year’s update, we have added a feature that enables attendees to post questions to the speakers. This is a feature that many event attendees look for: it allows them to engage with the speakers digitally, and learn more about the topic or the speaker in question before, during, or after they have given their talk.

Give feedback on speaker sessions:

Most speakers at TDC are highly skilled in public speaking, and understand how best to address an audience at an event like this. However, even the most experienced speakers look for feedback that will enable them to better their performance and understand how attendees feel about their session. To facilitate this, we have added a feature that allows the user to provide feedback to the speaker after their session.

Voting feature:

This year, TDC is hosting a Thinking Digital Start Up Competition for attendees. To make this run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, we wanted to make the process of selecting the best startups more interactive and intuitive. That’s why we have prepared a voting system, which will enable attendees to easily vote for their favourite startup idea, using the app on their device.

We hope you find the updated TDC app helpful and easy-to-use next week, and as always we would love to hear your feedback on how you find the user experience. The hedgehog lab team will be attending the conference this May, and we hope to have the opportunity to attend the amazing workshops and sessions too! We look forward to seeing you there.