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Meet the hedgehog lab team - David Scott

Billy WoodCulture

Hello, I'm David and I’ve worked at hedgehog lab for the last year. Technically, I'm part of the design team but my area of expertise is user experience research (UXR). It is difficult to specifically define what I do because we offer a bespoke UXR experience to each of our clients however an integral part of the role is testing prototype apps. Usually, I work with between 10-20 independent testers and I observe their behaviour when using the software for the first time. An ideal situation would be to conduct this in a real life scenario e.g. testing a train ticket app in a train station however that isn’t always possible (especially in the current climate).  This approach allows me to observe a more authentic experience where the user can be influenced by external factors. UXR is critical in robust app development because this unbiased testing uncovers any potential problems and can present opportunities for the client. 

Initially, I started my career in sales however after completing an accelerated graphic design course in London I joined a creative research agency. The agency specialised in working with clients from the hospitality and entertainment industries which led me to develop the ability to understand audience behaviour which is integral for UXR. 

After sending a spontaneous email to hedgehog lab I got called in for a chat and left with a job. The culture at hedgehog lab encourages you to try new things, there is a test and learn mentality and the cross team collaborative working model opens up the learning opportunities. I am currently exploring innovative ways to present research to challenge the perspective that it can be a ‘dry’ area of work. 

My top career tip is that changing careers can be scary (something emanated by both Kathryn and Susan in their meet the team posts) so choose to do something that you enjoy because it makes it less scary. It can also be advantageous to not specialise in one specific area of work because the flexibility of a generalised skill set can make you more adaptable. 

You can find out more about David via his LinkedIn profile.