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Meet the hedgehog lab team - Lauren Young

Billy WoodCulture

Hello, I’m Lauren and I joined the hedgehog lab team earlier this year in February as a Scrum Master. Scrum Masters are integral to the product delivery process. We orchestrate team collaboration (in-house and with the client), ensure lines of communication are open, remove any project blockers and report on progress. 

Initially, after completing a degree in marketing and communication I took a job in the Apple Store in Newcastle and gradually worked my way up the ladder from senior sales to team leader. This experience helped me develop an in-depth understanding of Apple technology and products while developing my leadership, negotiation and customer service skills. 

In pursuit of a marketing role with Apple, I moved to London and continued my role in the flagship Regent Street store. From this, I secured a secondment with Apple’s marketing team where I developed campaigns to attract new audiences to their ‘Today at Apple’ training courses. The highlight of the secondment was being heavily involved in the launch of Apple’s flagship store in Vienna. I proved to myself that even under extreme pressure I was able to execute event and stakeholder management in a professional manner. But, after five years with Apple, I was ready for a new challenge. 

It wasn’t until I spoke to an ex-colleague who suggested that I would make a great scrum master that I knew the role existed. After researching the role I knew this was the career path I wanted to follow, so I used my holiday allowance and self-funded to complete my Professional Scrum Master level 1. When I was looking for a job I was attracted to hedgehog lab by their reputation and their company values. I approached the CEO, in hindsight through a rather ballsy email, for an unpaid internship. The risk paid off and after an interview with the Head of Product Delivery, I was offered a paid internship. Following a successful probation period, I was made a permanent member of the team. In my short time with hedgehog lab, I have worked with LPG and Deliveroo as a Scrum Master and I am supporting the team with Quality Assurance as a tester. 

The hedgehog lab team has had my back from day one. Before lockdown, we would sit with a beer and they would spend time with me going through some of the technical details and acronyms. The talent within the team and the quality of the work which is produced is incredible. 

My career advice is to have confidence in yourself and in your skills and experience. Be proactive and take that leap of faith - what’s the worst that can happen? I’m a big fan of lists and wrote out the pros and cons for my career pivot. It is also important to think holistically about what kind of working environment you want and think about how this next step will help you get to your long term goal.

Find out more about Lauren Young via LinkedIn.