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We worked with the start up venture 1UP, to create a mobile platform that empowers anyone to connect and interact by adding the element of competition when posting videos.

1Up is a group-based social media platform centred on videos. Originally the main concept of the app was under development and at an intermediate stage and hedgehog lab was asked to accelerate and mature the platform for release.

With social media challenges becoming the next big thing, we looked to use technology to grow a platform that allows users to capture and share videos or photos,  showing off their talents or voicing an opinion, and introducing a level of competition and gamification via leaderboards.

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1Up iPhone app

With a prototype and wireframe already developed, 1UP wanted to bring their product to a market-ready standard. Our solution combined slick looks with a strong user experience to create a social media app that stands out from the crowd.

1Up iPhone app

Beautiful design, bespoke copy, and great features, you can post privately to your groups or globally to the 1UP community to compete for votes and rise to the top of the leader-board.

We're very impressed with the work that they've done for us. hedgehog lab's design skills shone through, and they've built something that has a very nice feel to it. The app is very slick and works very well.

— Co-founder, 1Up Social Media Video Tool

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