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Living with diabetes can be challenging, often requiring patients to make significant lifestyle changes. Our client, though, was convinced that this need not be a grim endeavour, but that motivation could be sparked through fun, easily trackable challenges, combined with access to key information.

DiabetIQ alert screen on a white iphone and dashboard screen on a black iphone

Our solution, DiabetIQ, which is available on iOS and Android, brings together a number of helpful features in one location:

  • Hundreds of low carb recipes
  • Suggested meal plans, along with a build-your-own option
  • Glucose, insulin, carb intake and exercise tracking, with an interactive graph to monitor progress
  • Fun maps that track one’s journey to a healthier life
  • A points system for reductions on exclusive books and more

hedgehog lab designer David Miller said: “One of the biggest challenges we faced on the project was getting to understand the audience. We knew little about diabetes and so spent a week researching the various challenges sufferers face.”

Another major challenge centred on fact that the app was targeted towards those with lower levels of education, who were not tech savvy and had difficulty maintaining lifestyles appropriate to their condition. To cater for this, we adopted an illustrative style, provided users with a step-by-step guide to help them on-board and made it clear was what action was required as soon as they opened a page. We also kept the dashboard free from superfluous information and ensured the language used was not too technical.

On the development side, meanwhile, Ed Denisjonoks, who worked on the Android version, faced challenges due to the design-led nature of the project, which meant few of the platform’s default controls be used. He also had to work extensively with layered images, manipulate maps and graphs so they could reflect user progress and manually tweak ‘off-screen’ material.

“It was about persistence,” he said. “I had to go through a lot of options and test each out to see if it worked. But we got there in the end, creating a practical and engaging tool that will be a real help to diabetes patients.”


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