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The multi-thread social and business messaging app. Dooey lets you message in groups and branch out into different topics. Chat with friends and family or use it for business, speak to clients/teams and share files easily.

Dooey’s founder, John Connor, approached us with a vision for a new kind of messaging app – one that would simplify users’ lives by bringing work and social communications together in a single place. Based on a clutter-free interface, Dooey would also offer a clear alternative to typical messaging platforms.

With this brief in mind, we divided the app into two dedicated a channels, allowing users to switch seamlessly between ‘social’ and ‘business’ modes, and to allocate contacts to one or the other. We also developed a communication tool known as ‘branching’, which allows users to stray from the main thrust of conversations to focus on certain points using connected chat boxes.

Central to the design team’s thinking was clean and clear functionality. Hence, a maximum of three hierarchical branches was imposed. A ‘breadcrumb trail’ was also used for ease of navigation.

Designer Andy Kelly said: “We wanted to create a product with a lucid interface, amazing design and an optimised performance. We are confident we have achieved this.”




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My expectations were high, and they delivered. There’s nothing they could improve on.

John Connor Dooey Founder

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