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The challenge: how best to engage? EDF, a national leader in the gas and electricity market, caters for homes and businesses of all sizes throughout the UK. To engage this broad customer base, the company’s business and marketing team had been sending out a regular newsletter as a means of circulating dynamic content and keeping people up-to-date on the organisation’s latest activities

The problem was they had little idea what was happening to it after distribution and were therefore unable to generate the kind of insights they desired. Recognising more needed to be done to understand – and, perhaps more importantly, engage with – its customers, EDF began searching for a digital partner with whom to work on a solution. Following due diligence, it committed to hedgehog lab.

As our Lead Designer David Miller explained: “All content was being shared through EDF’s official magazine in PDF format. The company, though, was finding it difficult to determine ‘who was opening the document? Who was reading it, which sections were being read the most, Which were being looked into further and which tended to generate leads? The ultimate aim was to raise engagement; EDF wanted to keep communication levels consistent, rather than simply reaching out to customers during renewal periods.”

Design Sprint: Creating a platform to solve the ‘engagement’ problem

Having been briefed on the problem, our design team launched a design sprint aimed at generating ideas for a robust platform that would serve the company’s needs.

To meet EDF’s requirements, the most immediate impact would have to be felt in the organisation’s customers team. The tool would likewise have to focus on four distinct areas: onboarding, content feed, content curation and publication.

Following the exercise, we suggested several key steps towards raising customer engagement:

  • Creating a content-based app featuring an interactive demo
  • Improving digital billing by including itemisation, flagging up heavy energy use and informing customers on ways to save
  • Building a conversational UI to answer questions arising from mid-level energy users
  • Undertaking energy audits through immersive platforms like AR

At hedgehog lab, we are proud of our design sprints, which help us understand our clients’ needs and deliver world-class products customised to their requirements. To find out more about how we can help you, please feel free to get in touch.


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EDF Energy

We worked with utility provider EDF to re-imagine their digital strategy and engagement with business customers as well as how we can further develop customer engagement and in house productivity through digital solutions.

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