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Fitch Learning

Fitch is a leader in training and development for the financial services sector. By its own admission, however, its apps had been built for function over form and were lacking strong design. Management therefore decided to outsource maintenance of the suite and contacted us after reading our White Paper on mobile trends in banking.

Fitch learning app on a white iPhone 6 and a black Google Pixel

At the same time, the company had recently released Fitch CFA, a web resource that helps accountants pass their exams with learning materials, videos, questionnaires and more. The concept was undoubtedly strong, but Fitch saw greater potential; most of those studying for the qualification would be based in busy cities and could therefore use a mobile app during commuting ‘dead time’. They would also be relatively affluent so would have access to tablets. hedgehog lab was therefore tasked with producing a companion app, Fitch Learning Cognition, which would replicate the web content in a mobile-friendly fashion.

Client Services Director Johnny Lee said: “We spent a lot of time on design consultancy, reviewing the existing resource and thinking of how we could optimise it for use on mobile platforms. It was the first time Fitch had done anything so fundamentally different, so this was a project with high visibility. We were also under significant pressure to meet demanding deadlines and, since the client wanted decisions to be taken as a partnership – rather than us just giving our opinion – regular progress updates were needed, alongside face-to-face meetings. Interactions perhaps took longer as a result – but we agreed a solution faster and they were ultimately very pleased.”

Following the project, hedgehog lab has been been asked to provide further functionality, such as allowing users to tailor questionnaires to meet precise needs. We have also secured a 12 month extension to our maintenance contract, which will run to the end of 2017.


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