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KatchIt originally approached us with the whole idea of making life more efficient whilst also having a cool and trendy app that people want to use.

The app revolves around the use of Bluetooth technology, therefore little or no signal is not a problem, and users will still be able to exchange details quickly and efficiently.

The key to KatchIt is simplicity, on the surface, things are just a couple of clicks away and you’ve shared your details, with the bottom line being KatchIt will change the way people meet each other forever.



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Operating Systems

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KatchIt iOS App

We were approached to build an app which focused on a quick and efficient user experience, to allow a user to exchange specific contact details with another user. This would enable someone to only share the relevant information required, without exposing their additional contact channels which they may have wanted to keep private.

The constraints around what you can, and can't do with bluetooth discovery - made for some difficult design and UX challenges which we overcame through detailed technical discovery.

MICHAEL HUTCHINSON Designer | hedgehog lab

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