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Redefining the Digital Billing Experience

The future of the Digital Bill Experience for household customers and SME businesses.

Northumbrian Water approached hedgehog lab, along with a select number of local companies to participate in & lead a design sprint.

We were nominated to run the design sprint and lead the UX and design elements of the sprint, with the other companies focusing more on their core specialties which included existing data feasibility and Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality technologies.

Our Design Sprint broke down as follows:

  • Day 1 – Understanding the problem
  • Day 2 – Exploring our options
  • Day 3 – Focusing our direction
  • Day 4 – Prototyping
  • Day 5 – Test & Learn


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Operating Systems

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What we produced

To re-cap, our brief was to consider the future of the digital bill experience for household customers and tier 2 and tier 3 SME businesses.

For Businesses: A dashboard interface with analytical and recommendation tools for business owners.

For Households: An iPad app for household customers to increase brand loyalty, drive community engagement and to educate users.

For Education: An Augmented Reality App to bring the printed bill experience to life, and illustrate the volume of water usage of a typical household.

We currently can't show you everything produced over the 5 day design sprint, but you can read an expanded post in our insights section:

Learn more about the Northumbrian Water Design Sprint

Testing the AR App

An augmented reality app to bring the printed bill experience to life, and illustrate the volume of water usage of a typical household.

Northumbrian Water were delighted with the concepts the team came up with, and really hadn’t expected the prototypes to be so well developed. It just shows what can be achieved in a short space of time when you have creative people and a well-defined process for them to follow.

Paul Sutherland Coordinator - ADD Strategy on behalf of Northumbrian Water.

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