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Road Respect – VR simulator

Although the Road Respect campaign was effective as a whole, there was one area we felt could be significantly improved; the simulator, which was screen-based and used generic landscapes, failed to immerse the user in the experience of driving. We therefore contacted organisers following our initial involvement to discuss creating new version run through VR headsets. We already had a 3D model of Newcastle’s Quayside prepared and were able to use this as a starting point for our hard-hitting proposal.

After gaining the backing of the councils, we went on to map out large and varied stretches of the region, using photographs, Google Earth and more, before blending this into a realistic and recognisable driving experience. Key to the final product’s success was our unashamed rule breaking; typically, high frame rates are seen as a must for smooth VR, but we deliberately dropped them in parts to mimic intoxication, leaving the user nauseous as functions such as steering were rendered hard to control.

Once ready, Oculus headsets featuring the simulation were taken to events throughout the North East in a mini-bus branded with the campaign logo. The experience proved popular and, as was the hope, deterred many from even considering driving while under the influence.


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Road Respect - VR simulator

After taking the simulator to various regional events, a leaderboard with the top 30 highest scores was set up at

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