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Santander – Fueling fintech innovation

The global banking group, Santander, recognised the banking industry is about to change rapidly, with the growth of fintech digital technologies that are set to disrupt the industry. With this in mind, Santander's innovation team got in touch with our Boston office to explore how AR, VR, MR and mobile could change banking. From there, our team of designers and UX researchers embarked on an innovation exercise involving multiple design sprints to generate an innovation vision for Santander.

The team began by looking closely at the current state of the banking industry as well as how customers felt about dealing with Santander. Following this, they conducted a survey over two days, from which several vital points arose:

  • Personalisation is a high priority for today’s bank customer
  • Most customers are banking digitally rather than in-branch
  • Mobile apps are outperforming desktop online banking
  • Online chat is the primary means of contact when customers require help
  • Face-to-face communication isn’t a high priority when building a relationship with a bank

Using this data, the team were able to develop cutting-edge ideas for banking on the high street, in the home and on-the-go using mobile. These incorporated many branches of emerging technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), biometrics and ‘smart’ solutions. This strategy was presented to Santander to explore in their Innovation Lab.


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Our research showed that customers wanted their banking experiences to be tailored to them - in their time, space and during their daily journey. So we developed a few concepts using AR, MR and mobile technologies to enhance these customers banking moments. While the ideas were futurist in thought, we developed the ideas using technology that is already available and implementable. We were delighted Santander were happy with the result, and we look forward to implementing some of this vision with the team.

Patrick Richardson Managing Director, US

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