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A video-based dating app promoted by Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby, ShowReal aims to give users a better sense of potential matches than its more ‘traditional’ rivals.

To get started, would-be-daters simply submit a video of themselves answering four straightforward questions, at which point the app splices the material together to create a ‘ShowReal’ for them

They can then search for other people’s ShowReals, matching specific preferences, and can view those people’s profiles through Facebook and Instagram integration.

Should they like what they see, they can choose to ‘Keep’, shifting the selected ShowReal user into a ‘Real Messages’ list. Otherwise, they can either ‘Cut’ or – should some potential exist – offer a second chance through requesting the user re-do his or her ShowReal.

The app also offers a secondary list, showing users those who have ‘liked’ them or whose preferences they match.

UI-wise, it includes a unique circle video recorder, which aids quality by ensuring users hold their phones at an appropriate distance from their faces. Filters can also be added to brighten up selfies taken in darker environments.

ShowReal’s intuitive feel is likewise enhanced by the fact that it shares many features with popular messaging apps. Users, for example, can share photos, see when matches were last online and check if messages have been delivered.

Read more about ShowReal here.

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ShowReal is a new video based dating app. All users have to do is answer up to 4 simple questions, and then the answers are spliced together to make a ShowReal. Download now to see exclusive content from Charlotte Crosby, the face of ShowReal.

"Charlotte Crosby has created a dating app - and it sounds AMAZING" - HeatWorld

"With this you actually see what people look like because it’s a five second video" - The Sun

"She explained it differs from other similar sites and apps as it involves users filming a video about themselves" - OK!

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