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  • Understanding Inclusivity in Design

    Understanding Inclusivity in Design

    The term “diversity and inclusion” has risen to prominence in recent years. Socioeconomic developments‚ technological advancements and popular culture are all changing our views on what it means to be inclusive. But how does this influence design‚ and what can we do to address these changing attitudes? What is inclusive design? Inclusive design aims to…

  • Design is half of my craft; selling it is the other

    Design is half of my craft; selling it is the other

    This blog post was originally penned by former hedgehog lab designer Luke Medlock. As a designer‚ I’ve been trained to create high quality works. To kern appropriately‚ use colour responsibly‚ and layout masterfully. Yet‚ my experience of working in the world of clients and digital design has taught me that these skills count for little…

  • Design psychology for eCommerce

    Design psychology for eCommerce

    User Experience Researcher and hedgehog lab’s resident psychology expert‚ Emily Hewitson‚ has already shared a number of posts on the psychology of design and its use in user research. Here‚ Emily delves deeper into a specific sector‚ expanding on some of the most common psychological practices employed by those in eCommerce  For years now‚ traditional retailers…

  • Your app is not alone

    Your app is not alone

    Leveraging Android’s openness to build task based flows across applications.  “mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -ugit:// ; repo sync ;make” According to Andy Rubin‚ a co-founder of Android‚ these few lines are what make Android an ‘open’ platform. These commands grant you access to the source code and allow you to build…

  • Design Sprint – Northumbrian Water

    Design Sprint – Northumbrian Water

    Northumbrian Water approached hedgehog lab‚ along with local companies Vector 76‚ Gospelware and SGP to participate in a 5 day design sprint. We were nominated to run the design sprint and lead the UX and design side of the sprint‚ with the other guys focusing more on their core specialties that included existing database feasibility…

  • Bridging the gap between design and development

    Bridging the gap between design and development

    So a while ago‚ I sat back and looked at the app development process we had. The main issues within it seemed to stem from communications; but looking deeper it was more so the barrier between Design and Development. So I plucked it apart and found out the issues listed below.   Designers don’t code “You…

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