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With a HQ in the heart of the North East, hedgehog lab are one of the world's best digital product designers.

Through product teams filled of strategists in the form of talented engineers, our industry-leading design team and trend-tracking product managers, assisted by innovative DevOps and meticulous user research teams, hedgehog lab consistently deliver world-class digital products.

Leaders in the creation of mobile, web, immersive and AI solutions, hedgehog lab works with businesses of all scales to launch products that turn customers into fans.

Finding the digital product designer for you

Never before has providing graceful, stylish and distinguished digital product experiences been as important, making world class design a valuable commodity.

hedgehog lab is blessed with some of the finest design talent in the world, as recognised on multiple occasions by BIMA.

With so many options available, whether in technology or approach, we understand it can be difficult for a business to understand which digital product designers are best for your project.

With over a decade of experience and as a company that continuously iterates its processes and practices based on the constantly-evolving environment, hedgehog lab's design approach has developed into the world's best, delivering results for our partners across every industry.

Digital product design wanted by you and your customers

By partnering with our customers, we are quick to learn about their customers and better understand their brand, audiences and needs.

The partnership approach is pivotal to hedgehog lab's ability to act as leading digital product designers, helping us to design and build solutions that delight your customers, meet your goals and fit your brand.

hedgehog lab's ability to deliver outstanding user experiences is also aided by our DevOps and User Experience Research teams, who work alongside project teams to ensure our practices, designs and engineering remain on the sharp end of the latest advancements.

Working with hedgehoog lab means working with premier digital product designers, experienced in delivering outstanding user experiences for the likes of Kodak, Deliveroo and Deliciously Ella amongst others.

Designing a digital product for results

Having worked alongside some of the world's largest brands, we understand what it takes for digital product designers to build towards and achieve success.

By working alongside you in an agile manner, we work together through each step of the process, from conception to launch, launch to product development.

Collaboration in the earliest phases ensures a shared vision for digital product design, boosting the chances of early success on launch.

In partnering and making your customers our own, we're also able to rapidly react to changing consumer needs and market changes, ensuring both you and your customoers get the most from your product as it advances, and helping keep you ahead of the competition.

If you're looking for digital product designers with a proven track record in delivering successful apps for brands of any scale, get in touch today.

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