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Headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne and working remotely across the United Kingdom, our product teams of developers, DevOps engineers, system architects, designers, product managers and strategists make hedgehog lab industry-leading digital product developers.

Experienced in the conception, creation and development of digital products helping businesses ranging from startups to enterprises in achieving B2B, B2C and B2E focused goals, hedgehog lab is a proven, versatile and effective partner for any business.

Picking the right digital product developer

Picking a platform is as important as picking a partner. With experience in the development of iOS, Android, VR, AR, XR, Voice and AI products for companies such as E.ON, Kodak and Deliveroo, hedgehog lab has the wealth of experience to ensure that you can rely on our team.

Rated the world's number 1 digital product developer and with the majority of our partners classified as retained, you can be sure that in hedegehog lab you'll possess a partner who deliver limitless, high quality digital products capable of turning your audience into your fans.

A digital product developer that works with you

Making your customer our customer, hedgehog lab become more effective in both identifying and working to meet your needs, ensuring user experience is always at the core of any digital product.

With more than a decade of experience in digital project development, hedeghog lab is a versatile, experienced and leading digital product developer, and are accomplished in the deployment of co-located, remote teams and augmented teams.

Consistently trusted by world-leading brands, hedgehog lab is a proven option for businesses seeking to transform products and services to delight their customers and users.

In teaming with hedgehog lab, you'll gain access to leading design and engineering functions, with our DevOps team, user researchers and product managers all working to ensure your product is at the forefront of innovation and UX practices.

Meeting your goals

With a portfolio that includes household names like Kodak, hedgehog lab are trusted by companies of any scale to deliver digital products capable not only of delighting users, but most importantly deliver results.

As a company that believes launch marks the start and not the end of a digital product's journey, hedgehog lab always keeps on eye on the future.

Ensuring your customers can look forward to product development that keeps them satisfied, delighted and engaged, an agile approach allows for a flexible and adaptable approach, keeping your customers at front of mind at all times.

It is an approach that has helped hedgehog lab to retain the majority of its partners far beyond launch, with brands including Deliveroo placing their trust in hedgehog lab's expertise in further digital product development.

Having worked towards a plethora of aims and objectives for a diverse range of partners, hedgehog lab has a demonstrable ability to help you meet your goals.

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