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Based out of Newcastle upon Tyne with presence across Great Britain, hedgehog lab's versatile, experienced and industry-leading squad of engineers, designers, product managers and strategic-thinkers form product teams that allow us to be ranked as one of the world's best digital product development agencies.

Leaders in the formulation, development and evolution of digital products, hedgehog lab helps startups, scale-ups and enterprises to launch digital products aimed at a customers, businesses and/or teams.

Finding the right digital product development agency for you

For businesses, the most important part of any successful digital product development comes in finding the right partner.

As a digital product development agency that places emphasis on shared values and cultural fit, hedgehog lab ensures that both parties are comfortable in being transparent, direct and honest with each other.

With a wealth of experience in the development of mobile, immersive and AI solutions, hedgehog lab are ranked as the world's best app developer.

Via that outstanding technical ability and by ensuring that cultural fit is of such high importance, hedgehog lab are able to get the most from partnerships - resulting in world-class digital product development, capable of turning your customers into fans.

Partnering with a digital product development agency

hedgehog lab's emphasis on cultural fit extends all the way to our partners' approach to their customers.

As a company that aims to turn customers into fans, hedgehog lab embraces your customers, helping us to better understand both your aims and their needs.

By working in partnership rather than providing a service, hedgehog lab ultimately create more effective user experiences, helping you to achieve your goals.

Our leading DevOps and User Research functions help to ensure our engineers and designers keep your product at the leading edge of best practice and innovation, with our teams experiencedd in co-located, remote and augmented working.

In partnering with hedgehog lab, you'll join industry-leading household names who've shown their confidence in our world-leading digital product development team.

Measuring success

By working in partnership with you, hedgehog lab increase their understanding of not only what you're trying to achieve but what your users are looking to accomplish.

From Deliveroo to Deliciously Ella, brands have benefitted from hedgehog lab's all-encompassing, customer-focused approach to digital product development.

Success doesn't stop at product launch either, with hedgehog lab's agile approach ensuring the scope for further product development to maximise a product's lifecycle, as well as the flexibility to capitalise on new data, market changes and opportunities.

As a rare digital product development agency that retains the custom of the majority of its partners, hedgehog lab can be trusted to deliver world-class products capable of delivering results that only continue to get better.

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