What you need to know when developing a web or mobile banking app?

From hedgehog lab’s experience building web and mobile banking apps, even with talented in-house teams working with specialist banking engineers can provide invaluable guidance and support to the internal development team. Through conducting code reviews to advising on automated testing, new opportunities may present themselves to improve the customer experience.

This also extends to investing in UX/UI Design and User Experience Research to offer the best customer experience which will put you ahead of your competitors. Ultimately, working with experts in web and mobile app development will also bring a lot of cross-pollination from expertise across other sectors. They know what works in web and mobile and will reduce the technical risk of delivering a successful product to market.

hedgehog lab delivered an accessible and easy to use app. The customer-facing design is excellent. The team was collaborative and easy to work with. Their advice was invaluable when it came to developing the UX/UI.
Executive at a Financial Technology Firm

Why choose hedgehog lab as your web and mobile banking app development partner?

hedgehog lab are specialist web and mobile app developers with deep expertise in developing apps for banking clients. We will reduce the technical risk for you of launching a successful product. We have the specialist skills in engineering to enhance your internal development teams. Our backend engineers worked with the internal developers at Atom Bank to build microservice APIs for their mobile banking app.

Our UX/UI designers worked with Al Salam Bank to audit their web and mobile apps and then implemented changes to meet accessibility and industry standards. Working in collaboration with the digital team at Santander our app development specialists across engineering, design, product and research explored what the next iteration of their mobile banking apps could look like. Combining knowledge and expertise allows us to push the boundaries of innovation and retain market position.

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