What you need to know when developing a mobile or web app for insurance companies?

From hedgehog lab’s experience building insurance apps for mobile & web, working with an experienced partner in app development can create products that offer the best customer experience which will put you ahead of your competitors. Supplementing the most talented in-house teams with specialist engineers, designers, researchers and product managers can present new opportunities to improve the customer in app experience and lead to greater conversion and retention rates. .

Specialist product managers can work with you to reimagine the customer journey to target specific demographics. App development researchers and designers can offer proof of concept while specialist engineers can provide invaluable guidance and support to internal developers from completing code reviews and advising on suitable integrations.

Ultimately, working with experts in mobile app development will also bring a lot of cross-pollination from expertise across other sectors. They know what works in mobile and will reduce the technical risk of delivering a successful product to market.

hedgehog lab met the goals for the project and delivered significant advancements. They are good collaborators and their design process is innovative.
CEO, Honcho Markets Ltd

Why choose hedgehog lab as your mobile insurance app development partner?

hedgehog lab are specialist mobile app developers with deep expertise in developing mobile apps for insurance clients. We will reduce the technical risk for you of launching a successful product. We have the specialist skills in engineering to enhance your internal development teams.

Working in collaboration with start up, Honcho, our mobile app specialists across engineering, design, product and research were heavily involved from ideation until the products were taken in-house. Combining knowledge and expertise allows us to push the boundaries of innovation and establish a strong market position.

Life insurers, TorchMark and health insurers, Hlthie, benefited from the expertise in our UX/UI design and research team by carrying out in-depth market research, validation work and creating prototypes to demonstrate what the user experience could look like. Our backend engineers integrated with some of the world's biggest insurers when they were building Honcho’s reverse auction mobile and web app, alongside integrating with identity check software. Alongside the customer web app, our specialist engineers created a web admin system for Maritime Financial employees to streamline and increase efficiency during the customer application process.

hedgehog lab will work with you to discuss your business challenges and come up with the best solution for you.

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