What you need to know when developing a wealth management mobile or web app.

From hedgehog lab’s experience building wealth management apps for mobile & web, working with an experienced partner instills confidence and reduces the technical risk of launching a successful product into the marketplace.

Your talented in-house teams can work alongside specialist engineers, designers, researchers and product managers who will bring expertise from across different sectors to enhance your products and create solutions that meet your business goals.

Researchers can carry our targeted market validation while specialist engineers can test the most suitable 3rd party integrations for your product which could include identity verification, document processing and in app communications. UX/UI designers can create prototypes to bring the customer journey to life.

Ultimately, working with experts in mobile app development will enhance your products and give you the edge on your competitors.

hedgehog lab produce high-quality deliverables and are an asset to any development team. They’re professional and knowledgeable of their craft and hedgehog lab promotes a positive company culture that yields highly-engaged employees.
Head of IT Development at a Financial Services Firm

Why choose hedgehog lab as your web and mobile wealth management app development partner?

hedgehog lab are specialist app developers with deep expertise in developing web and mobile apps for wealth management clients. We are customer focussed and want to ensure the users of the app get an optimum experience. The Royal Bank of Scotland International approached us to work with them to create a mobile and web platform that enhanced the experience for expatriate customers through offering them personalised savings rates and tailoring product recommendations to their needs.

Our engineers worked closely with Atom Trust to build a self-service paperless application which included KYC, AML and risk profiling functionality. 3rd party integrations were made with ID Now and worked in partnership with another supplier who provided the backend with Judo pay integration.

Our UX Research and Design skills were integral to the new iOS & Android App, ‘Choices’, brought to market by Standard Life Aberdeen. The app allows customers to manage their savings and investments and we worked closely with Standard Life to design the app for their target market. By engaging target users with extensive research sessions and reacting quickly to their feedback, we have helped to form an exciting new proposition that will empower the users to make choices that will benefit their short, medium and long term financial priorities.

We have expert experience from building mobile and web applications from across sectors which we drew upon to create the best products for our wealth management clients.

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