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Experience has taught us that identifying areas where others are currently innovating only strengthens our your ability to stay ahead of the competition and cement your position as an influencer amongst your contemporaries.


Our Innovation Lab has been put in place to ensure that hedgehog lab, and all of our clients, are seen as constantly striving to innovate.

Our experience allows us to testify to the benefits of being seen as an innovator. Not only does it create opportunities from a publicity standpoint, it also affords us with greater knowledge to share with the digital community in the form of in-depth whitepapers and industry reports.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Designing an Apple TV experience for a challenger bank – A hedgehog lab formula
  • Insights App Development Best Practices Free ebook
  • Connected Cars –  State of the industry report
  • Five mobile trends that are transforming Banking
  • All you need to know about Apple TV
  • Handbook for Mobile Retail Strategy
  • Wearable Technologies
  • iBeacons and the Creation of Personalised Retail Shopping Experiences

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At its latest product launch event, Google announced a bunch of new devices, including the Pixel 2, Google Home Mini, Google Pixelbook, Google Home Max, Google Pixel Buds and Google Clips. The company also discussed its decision to take all hardware development in-house as part of its #madebygoogle campaign. Undoubtedly, though, the most interesting aspect of the latest line of devices is that at the core of all of them are the AI and machine learning capabilities Google has been diligently enhancing.

With this in mind, we will now look at the most important new releases to be announced by the tech giant.

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The explosive rise of augmented reality presents a number of opportunities and challenges for developers. Learn more about the technicalities of AR and AR applications, as well as:

  • AR development software such as ARKit, ARCore, Daqri-ARToolkit and more.

  • The industries AR applications will transform.

  • Considerations in building an AR Toolkit

  • The future of AR development.

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