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With over a decade of experience developing mobile, web and other digital products and services, hedgehog lab is home to some of the world's best talent.

Our team are experts in bringing a vision to life, placing shared values at the core of working relationships to create world-class digital applications; whether by working in partnership with other organisations or as an augmented team.

Trusted by household names across a number of industries, sectors and verticals, hedgehog lab is a mobile app development agency that delivers.

Picking the right mobile app development agency

Picking a mobile app development agency to work with can be a daunting prospect. With so many organisations to choose from, technologies to understand and processes to sift through, there is plenty to consider.

hedgehog lab's previous work has helped us to rise into the position of the world's highest-ranked mobile app developer, an achievement awarded through the feedback of those we have partnered previously.

Because of that, you can trust not only in our constantly-evolving method for and expertise in creating world-class digital products, but also in our people. We're here to turn our customers into fans, and because of that you can expect a partnership, not a project.

Partnering a mobile app development agency that can meet your needs

hedgehog lab always work with the end user in mind, helping our team to better understand and identify both the needs of your organisation and your customers.

Whether working remotely or in the same room as you, our approach will always put user experience at the core of the solutions we create, helping us to ensure our work is effective, engaging and enjoyable to use.

Many of the numerous global brands hedgehog lab has worked with have been inspired by the unique approach the team takes, whether it be in how we frame problems, generate and develop solutions or even in the company's approach to working with partners.

And hedgehog lab's product teams all work under the guidance of our leading DevOps team, helping ensure our work, and your solutions, are always cutting-edge.

Finding a result-orientated mobile app development agency

Having parntered with industry leading brands such as Deliveroo, Lloyds Bank E.ON and Kodak, hedgehog lab has a wealth of experience in creating products that not only deliver results, but remain engaging and continue to do so.

hedgehog lab's philosophy that launch represents only the true beginning of a partnership means that our approach to product development always has one eye on the future, allowing us to easily and quickly adapt to further build out solutions and maximise their potential.

With years of assisting our partners in assisting and gaining competitive advantage, helping their teams to become more efficient and delighting their customers, hedgehog lab are a reliable and proven shout when it comes to finding a mobile app development agency that knows how to deliver results.

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