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We’ve been Selected to Power AI-Driven Peacebuilding Initiative in Sudan


30th May 2024


2 min


Antonia Hayianni

Our agency has been chosen to develop an AI-powered online knowledge platform to advance peacebuilding efforts in Sudan’s conflict-torn nation. 

The initiative is led by Conflict Dynamics International (CDI), a non-profit organisation dedicated to resolving global crises through dialogue and governance solutions.

Sudan has grappled with cycles of violence for decades, with the latest outbreak of fighting erupting in October 2023. This long-standing instability underscores the urgent need for resources to facilitate constructive discussions among stakeholders and pave the way toward sustainable peace.

The forthcoming platform will serve as a comprehensive knowledge base, enabling government officials, political representatives, and other key figures to access and utilise a comprehensive database of information related to conflict resolution, peacebuilding, governance, and negotiations in Sudan. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, the resource aims to foster greater understanding and knowledge exchange among parties working to stabilise the nation.

“We are honoured to be chosen to lend our AI expertise to this vital peacebuilding endeavour,” said Sarat Pediredla, CEO of hedgehog lab. “While AI’s potential for positive societal impact is immense, it must be implemented responsibly and transparently. Our team is committed to developing a solution that promotes inclusivity, accountability, and citizen engagement to serve Sudan’s path to lasting peace.”

Gerard McHugh, Founder and President at CDI, said:

“This marks our second collaboration with hedgehog lab, and we’re delighted to be partnering with them once again. After the success of our initial project together and following a thorough research, we had no hesitation in partnering with them again to develop this vital AI-powered platform.”

He added:

“Our program in Sudan is empowering the resilient Sudanese people, their political representatives, and the vibrant civil society groups to forge a path towards lasting peace and inclusivity. Through this groundbreaking initiative, we are facilitating the development of robust systems that can effectively reconcile and accommodate the diverse political interests that have long been a source of conflict.”

The project is being funded through a £40 million USAID investment for accelerating technological solutions in response to global crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic. CDI and hedgehog lab are in the early stages of platform development, with an anticipated launch later this year.