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The Lowdown

With the rise of social media, millions of people born after 1997 (Generation Z) aspire to become professional influencers as a career path, but there is no clear-cut pathway to success or even an establish school teaching students how to become influencers. Viral Nation Academy trains and equips aspiring influencers with the knowledge, tools, and resources to become paid professionals in a competitive industry.

The Problem

There are approximately 3.6 billion social media users across the world and a whopping 65% of Generation Z (people born in 1997 or later) are active on social media. Depending on which report you read, 25%-45% of Generation Z want to become professional influencers as a career path. Unfortunately, there are no formal training programs or colleges that actually teach people how to become influencers. Viral Nation, a global digital agency and talent management group, aims to change that.

The Solution

We worked with Viral Nation to build the foundation and design for a robust mobile app with three major functions:

Training – From inside the app, users can find unique video training sessions from professional influencers digging deep into the business end of influencer marketing. For every training a user completes, they earn badges that help them stand out to businesses among a sea of other users.

Scheduling – Part of becoming a great influencer is posting great content. After learning how to become a better influencer, users can schedule content for a variety of social media profiles. 

Performance Tracking – After publishing content to their social media profiles, users can track their post performance to spot trends and opportunities for improvement.

The Product

Viral Nation is primed to become a genuine leader in the next generation of influencers, as their platform is designed to be an exciting, educational, and sticky tool that keeps users coming back day after day for more and more features. Plus, Viral Nation is primed to become a marketplace that connects businesses with trained influencers who have been proven by Viral Nation.

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