Transforming how we park our cars in the UK.

Easier journeys thanks to a digital parking network for more convenient, affordable, and sustainable parking.

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What we delivered

iOS development | Android development | Web development | Third party API integration | UI/UX Design

The Lowdown

As well as making parking cheaper and easier, YourParkingSpace promotes efficient use of existing space. This means using our roads in a more sustainable way, leading to:

  • 75,000 hours saved looking for parking
  • 355t CO2 emissions saved
  • 54,000 trees planted every month to offset carbon emissions

Founded in 2012, YourParkingSpace had a vision to change the way the world parks. And they would do this by creating more accessible parking.

They imagined a world where parking is seamlessly integrated into our travels through smart technology. The result is easier journeys thanks to a digital parking network for more convenient, affordable, and sustainable parking.


Field Studies
User interviews
Stakeholder interviews


Persona building
Task analysis
Journey mapping


Usability testing
User group outreach
Benchmark testing
Accessibility evaluation


Analytics Review
Usability bug revie
Feedback review

The Problem

The YourParkingSpace platform – available across web, IOS and android – connects drivers with over 350,000 privately owned and commercially operated parking spaces across the country. Drivers can book parking on-demand on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis.

For users, this means quicker journeys as they spend less time looking for parking spaces. So, journeys are shorter, which means fewer emissions. This leads to cleaner air and greener cities.

The YourParkingSpace app also features the largest database of EV charging stations. So, drivers can book charging points in advance too. With an influx of new users, YourParkingSpace asked us to improve the platform so it could cope with the increased demand.

The Solution

In 2018 we worked on a series of projects to improve user experience and acquisition. We also developed third-party integrations for seamless functionality. Later, in 2019-2020 YourParkingSpace saw more substantial growth. They were keen to make sure their infrastructure could service the rapidly growing user numbers across multiple devices, endpoints and locations.

We created a feature roadmap, UI/UX wireframes and cost-benefit analysis. We then integrated new products. Now, the platform works seamlessly across the web, IOS and android. The YourParkingSpace app is now robust enough to deal with fluctuating traffic, varied booking schedules and real-time inventory updates. 

We developed secure API integrations to process and provide data. So, YourParkingSpace can now partner with third-party car park operators and referral platforms like We continue to support YourParkingSpace, providing regular updates and improvements for their continued success. 


  • Multi-day booking. 
    • Users can now block-book parking spaces for a discounted rate.
  • Location-based search. 
    • No need to pre-plan. Users can just check the map and see prices and availability in the local area.
  • Image integration. 
    • Now owners can add images for parking spaces so users can check the size and security before they book.
  • Updated branding & UX
    • We continue to work with YourParkingSpace, delivering updates to improve both the user experience and the overall look and feel of the app.

The Product

The results have been staggering. YourParkingSpace is a clear market leader, with a mind-blowing 12,000 cars parked every day via the app. That’s 400 users per minute.

There are over 45,000 registered parking owners in the UK. And YourParkingSpace, with more than 67K reviews on the app store and Trustpilot, has more 5-star reviews than any other parking business.

Downloads of the app exceed 1.5 million across all the app stores. And there are over 100k bookings per month, generating millions in revenue.

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