Our integrated design approach


When you partner with us, you benefit from the insight and expertise of our award-winning design team throughout the entire lifespan of your project.

During the discovery phase, our designers work with you to understand, uncover and verify your pain points, truly getting to know you and your organisation while establishing a cultural fit to optimise the process.

By challenging client assumptions, interacting with stakeholders and verifying user needs throughout, the team ultimately works to agree on a tailored approach that allows them to frame and overcome challenges.

Over the years, this approach has helped our partners unlock new ways of thinking and approaches to their problems through explorative and unconstrained product design. Our philosophy of integration with your team ensures a constant focus on your business goals as well as the opportunity to lend hedgehog lab’s experience in product roadmap development. Deliverables from discovery exercises can include the creation of a visual identity, branding, user interface, prototype, marketing materials, a discovery deck and more.

Design and research

hedgehog lab’s design team is renowned in the industry for its creative problem-solving. When you partner with us, we throw the weight of our multi-disciplined designers at your most pressing business problems.

Working collaboratively across branding, web work, UI, UX and research, we have the versatility, experience and expertise to deliver outstanding and fully-fledged design solutions that bring your vision to life.

Passionate and dedicated to their craft, our designers, aided by in-house researchers, are constantly on top of industry trends, working methods and software, which means you benefit from the most up-to-the-minute methodologies and concepts. and always take an inquisitive approach to new ideas. Our team have partnered with organisations of all shapes and sizes, across an array of sectors, so you can rest assured that they’ll be able to seamlessly integrate with your team.


When your project moves into build phase our designers don’t just step away. If anything, their role becomes even more important as they work in tandem with our engineering team to realise your product vision.

Coming from a product consultancy, hedgehog lab designers are acutely aware of the impact of their work on development, and are experienced in interacting and working in tandem with our engineers

Our team sees constraints as opportunities rather than barriers, helping to save valuable time whilst maintaining quality output and involving developers in decision-making for the good of the product. This means our designers are comfortable with the commercial impact of feasibility, resource and technical nuances, helping them to design efficient but outstanding user experiences.

As part of our radically collaborative approach, we can help achieve your business goals by operating as an extension of your team throughout the lifespan of your project. Leading brands such as Deliveroo and Leisure Pass Group have benefited from our design expertise as part of an augmented team; a tried and trusted approach that always works well.


No matter how far along you are on your product journey, we have the expertise to scale your apps to new heights. We can take a project from a standing start or optimise pre-existing products to ensure that your digital strategy is on the right track.

Mixing practical innovation with design thinking, the team is experienced in everything from ideation to implementing new and improving existing features.

Understanding your vision for accuracy, validating change with user research for optimisation and working agile for efficiency, our team also drive product scalability via a component-driven approach and innovative mindset.

We promise to place scale at the front of mind from the start of your product, plugging into client teams to develop an ongoing roadmap and assisting in the creation of long-term product visions. Our design team will always be there to guide or push you in taking a step to the next level.

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