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Remote workshops & COVID-19

As the world adapts to a world of social distancing and remote working due to COVID-19, how we all do business is changing. But that doesn’t mean your ambitions must change.

At hedgehog lab, we’ve been delivering projects remotely for partners all over the world for over a decade, delivering results for some of the biggest organisations in the world

Our discovery workshops prove just as effective an approach remotely as they do in person. Remote discovery allows us to throw the full weight of our design, research, product and engineering expertise behind your most-pressing business challenges right now to trigger new thinking and solutions.

We utilise our well practised toolset and experience ensuring your Discovery Phase is as valuable as possible, and that you feel well connected and in-the-know at every stage of the project, especially when working remotely as a distributed team.

We have found that remote workshops and meetings offer many benefits that in-person sessions do not. For example, they don’t require travel expenses and can also make it easier to align with the schedules of multiple stakeholders.

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What's involved

The Discovery Phase is where we really get to know you, your business and its users while collaboratively defining the goals of the project in detail. In this phase, we quickly iterate and test possible solutions and hypotheses.

We create design prototypes that are validated through user testing, allowing us to collect feedback on how people interact with your product, mitigating issues they may run into, and learning from their feedback before any code is committed. All of which can be done remotely.

The feedback and key insights are used to further guide the direction of the product development process, dispelling bias and removing assumptions along the way. By validating these learnings early we retain budget to then iterate roadmap features to avoid a prolonged and bloated initial product build.

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This is not just research

The outcome of our remote discovery workshops forms the foundations of our partners’ product journey with us.

Research, design, business and technical know-how all combine thanks to the power of video teleconferencing software to provide tangible product direction.

Once you’ve completed Discovery with us you’ll have a better idea what you should, and more importantly shouldn't, be committing to at this early stage of your product.

Once you’ve completed Discovery with us you’ll have a better idea what you should, and more importantly shouldn't, be committing to at this early stage of your product journey. Providing tangible proof of your working vision to share with stakeholders, investors or your wider team.

Where you take it from there is entirely up to you, but our partners always walk away with a fresh perspective on their digital challenges and practical next steps on how to tackle them.

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Your multidisciplinary discovery team

As part of our remote discovery workshops, we bring together expertise from across our teams to bring new thinking to your organisation’s most pressing problems.

By drawing on a multidisciplinary team we’re able to provide insight that draws on thinking and methodologies in fields as varied as design thinking, engineering, product development and user experience research.

Generally, this comprises an experienced Discovery team typically made up of:

Core team members:

  • User Experience Researcher
  • Designer
  • Product Manager
  • Senior System Architect
  • You and your stakeholders
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What you can expect

Whether working in-person or remotely, we’re committed to the same design principles that have led to our recognition as the world’s best app developers by industry analysts Clutch.

We have multidisciplinary teams of experts ready right now to collaborate with you on solving your most pressing digital challenges with remote discovery workshops, so get in touch with our team today.

Our remote discovery pledge

  • Discover problems and opportunities
  • Define data and business direction
  • Develop interactive prototypes that can be tested
  • Deliver a planned and costed roadmap going forward

Some of the benefits of remote discovery:

  • Accelerated decision making
  • Reduced uncertainty
  • Savings in time and cost
  • Unblocking of critical business problems.

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