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After amassing more than ten years of experience in the development of gamechanging digital solutions, hedgehog lab has become home to some of the world's most exciting mobile development talents.

Only entering into partnerships where we can be confident of shared values, our team are experts at working alongside you to create impactful mobile applications, whether working directly with you as an augmented team or separately as a product team.

With brands from Deliverooo to Deliciously Ella benefitting from our unique approach, hedgehog lab are a trusted partner when it comes to developing mobile apps that deliver.

Finding a UK mobile app development agency

When picking an agency and partner to work with, considerations extend from technology and design and out into people and process, making finding the right partner a task in itself.

With over a decade's experience of building and working alongside global brands, hedgehog lab has established itself as the world's best mobile app developer - recognition awarded based on the feedback of those who have worked with us previously.

In hedgehog lab, you can be assured that you'll find a partner that not only employs leading methods, but constantly evolves them to ensure the creation of quality, impactful mobile and digital products. You'll also find a partner, not a provider. Your business is our business.

A UK mobile app development agency that works with you

By working to better understand your business from the moment we make contact, hedgehog lab immediately set to work in understanding the problems and challenges that both yourself and your customers/users face.

Our approach places the creation of enjoyable, engaging and effective user experiences at the core of any digital solution we develop.

It is an approach that has served to benefit companies ranging from startups to giants, with aims ranging from going mobile for the first time to refreshing their current digital portfolio.

With a world-leading DevOps and System Architecture capacity, you can be assured that our solutions will always be on the cutting-edge of tech, innovation and mobile trends.

A UK mobile app development agency that cares about results

Having driven results for household names like Deliveroo and Kodak Alaris, hedgehog lab has plenty of know-how when it comes to creating mobile products that not only prove a hit on release, but continue to grow and deliver results over the product's lifespan.

Indeed, hedgehog lab believe that the launch of a mobile app represents the beginning of its journey, and work via an agile approach to coontinue to develop and maximise the product's potential per user and partner feedback, desires and needs.

With over a decade in helping our partners to steal a march on their competitors, hedgehog lab are a demonstrably reliable option for those seeking a UK mobile app development agency that understands how to extract results.

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