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The Problem

Technological integration poses enormous potential in the health sector but most implementations struggle to deliver efficiencies due to half-baked execution or patchy implementation.

The potential for a holistic digital platform that connects all points of the customer journey from initial consultation to treatment and record keeping is vast but most providers have struggled to realise this vision.

Healthxchange Pharmacy, one of the UK’s leading providers of aesthetic supplies to health professionals, wanted to change that with a fully-featured digital platform for healthcare providers in the booming medical aesthetics industry.

Inexperienced in digital product development, they needed a partner who could validate or challenge their ideas and support them in realising their vision. Which is why they came to us.

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The Solution

The business was looking to develop an intuitive end-to-end platform that simplified the entire patient journey and made user practices smarter and much more efficient.

At the same time, the new e-clinic platform also had to adhere to the strict regulatory standards of the healthcare industry when it came to patient record keeping and payment.

With the plan to roll out to all of the business’ customers first, Healthxchange Pharmacy required a partner that would deliver the same high-standards and expertise that their clients had come to expect from one of the biggest operators in the healthcare aesthetics space.

The multi-site platform would be utilised at up to 4,000 clinics in the UK and Channel Islands each requiring support for anywhere between 2 and 40 users, so it had to be flexible enough to be utilised in a range of contexts and accessible for a wide variety of users.

The new platform also marked a major tech investment for the 20-year-old business and was their first move into digital products, meaning there was a lot riding on the new platform.

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The Product

With a dedicated team working on the project, the hedgehog lab development team operated as an extension of Clever Clinic’s own team.

Continuous user testing and feedback throughout the development process by our user experience research team ensured that the company’s core vision for an easy-to-use, intuitive platform remained front and centre of the project.

Launching to market in 2019, the Clever Clinic platform honed the digital approach to client consultation and management with a three-pronged platform that simplifies the entire patient journey.

Consisting of the Clever Consult, Clever Compliance and Clever Care applications, the end-to-end platform centralises client consultation reports, medical records, consent forms and booking management to lessen the administrative burden for medical practitioners and guarantee regulatory compliance.

Employing the latest UX methodologies backed up by extensive user testing, the platform is already powering efficiencies in clinics across the UK thanks to its intuitive navigation and ‘clever’ functionality.

“They come to us with ideas, and that's unusual. With other companies on previous projects, it was like pulling teeth to get them to make suggestions. hedgehog lab’s ideas are valid, clever, and functional.”

John Curran, Chairman, Pharma-e Ltd.

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