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A Quick Introduction

Did you know (I only realised fairly recently!) that Apple, from iOS 7 onward, have provided UIKit APIs to apply custom animations to transitions in a pretty neat way. They allow us to define animation classes that can be applied to both push/pop transitions on a navigation stack, as well as presenting animations on modal popup transitions.


The use of technology in retail is nothing new. For some time, the sector has been investigating automation as a means of increasing efficiency, reducing costs, raising profits and providing better customer experience. Many outlets also use cameras to monitor customer movements, identifying where they engage most with products and creating traffic heat maps to optimise store layout.

Free Whitepaper

The explosive rise of augmented reality presents a number of opportunities and challenges for developers. Learn more about the technicalities of AR and AR applications, as well as:

  • AR development software such as ARKit, ARCore, Daqri-ARToolkit and more.

  • The industries AR applications will transform.

  • Considerations in building an AR Toolkit

  • The future of AR development.

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