EDF Energy

The Problem

After stating a desire to improve their business offering, EDF approached us with the aim of identifying how the company could better engage business customers.

With 44% of businesses having never changed energy supplier, EDF spotted an opportunity to drive brand loyalty by enhancing customer service and experience - two other primary drivers our research confirmed companies consider when selecting a supplier.

Our research also revealed a lack of awareness in businesses as to where their energy consumption is highest and the methods they can employ to save money.

A dedicated team were asked to conduct a Design Sprint to identify a solution that would meet the needs and desires of businesses, energy brokers and EDF themselves, while educating the consumer, driving loyalty and increasing revenue.

The Solution

hedgehog lab proposed a content-driven app for business customers, which would deliver tailored experiences to users based on a considered onboarding process.

By focusing on the need to improve both customer service and experience, hedgehog lab quickly identified a content-driven mobile application as a viable tool to inform and drive engagement amongst business customers.

The platform would use onboarding as an opportunity to gain an understanding of the business before tailoring the experience to the user's needs. A news feed would present relevant and interactive content designed to educate and engage the reader, with the user also able to save and curate content for later reference.

A web interface, built upon a Django framework, would allow EDF to create, edit and schedule content easily and efficiently, while Mixpanel's analytical offering would allow the company to generate a comprehensive understanding of user journeys across different audiences.

"We helped EDF not only to diversify their offering to businesses but to learn more about the audience itself while raising engagement."

David Miller, Head of Design at hedgehog lab

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