Microsoft and Zero Carbon Futures



What we delivered

Discovery, User research, Prototype, MR app

The Lowdown

Following the launch of their HoloLens mixed reality (MR) headset, Microsoft wanted to explore how MR could be put to use in the automotive sector.

Working with our team, they identified the potential of MR to assist electric vehicle maintenance technicians and set about creating a proof of concept that put our ideas into practice.

The Problem

The potential for MR to support training and development is massive, nowhere more so than in the automotive industry.

Working with Microsoft and Anya Bramich from Zero Carbon Futures, we mapped out potential use cases within the sector through multidisciplinary discovery sessions.

Stemming from these, all parties agreed to explore the issue of maintenance in electric vehicles, specifically in making the removal, repair, and replacement of fuel cells easier for maintenance technicians.

The Solution

Using a Nissan Leaf as our model, we set about creating a HoloLens training experience that provided live guidance to technicians.

Using features such as gesture recognition and voice guidance, the proof of concept would allow users to undertake live training in any setting.


Life-like interactive 3D models of the Nissan Leaf vehicle

Voice and gesture recognition

Training materials delivered through the headset

Ability to conduct training anywhere

The Product

The completed HoloLens immersive experience provides a new, interactive way for car manufacturers to train their technicians.

By donning their headset, users are able to see a life-size, detailed model of a Nissan Leaf as part of their training programme with interactive exercises taking them through different elements of the vehicle.

Ultimately, our immersive application allows technicians to be educated about the process in a different environment, providing a cost-effective, time-efficient and safe training alternative for maintenance teams.

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