Microsoft and Zero Carbon Futures

The Problem

Microsoft wanted to explore how they could use Mixed Reality in the automotive sector. We identified that the HoloLens could assist electric vehicle maintenance technicians - but needed to prove the concept.

After connecting with Microsoft at a networking event, we agreed to help them to explore how MR could be used to solve problems in the automotive industry.

We enlisted the assistance of Zero Carbon Futures' Anya Bramich. After running a number of brainstorming sessions, both parties agreed to explore the issue of maintenance in electric vehicles, specifically in making the removal, repair, and replacement of fuel cells easier for maintenance technicians.

Using the Nissan Leaf as our vehicle of focus, set about delivering a proof of concept in the form of a HoloLens training experience.

The Solution

We developed an interactive experience to be used on Microsoft HoloLens devices, providing electric vehicle technicians with live guidance as they replace the electric battery of a Nissan Leaf.

As a consultancy that works with leading electric vehicle manufacturers, Zero Carbon Futures advised that currently, electric car owners are required to bring vehicles into workshops which comply with safety regulations to remove heavy batteries.

Our immersive application allows technicians to be educated about the process in a different environment, providing a cost-effective, time-efficient and safe training alternative for maintenance teams.

The prototype allows users to make use of both gesture recognition and speech to interact with and progress through the programme. This interactivity also enables the solution to deliver guidance in real-time, helping staff to become independent of other team members.

"hedgehog lab's work has enabled us to produce a package which allows us to conduct training in different environments."

Colin Herron, Managing Director at Zero Carbon Futures

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