Mitsubishi Motors

The Problem

Mitsubishi wanted us to reimagine the dashboard of their vehicles as a more adaptable system that supports the driver more effectively.

Currently, human-machine interfaces in vehicles consist of a 'mashup' of buttons and pixels. The growing reliance on the use of dashboards while driving is proving both distracting and dangerous to drivers, while the continued existence of old-school dials limits the adaptability of the interface.

Our extensive primary research revealed that Mitsubishi drivers valued awareness, safety, ease of use and flexibility as the most important aspects of their experience when driving.

The research helped us to create a vision that we could work towards to solve the problem. We'd look to focus solutions around family, adapting to individual needs and enabling multi-driver use; introduce personal settings and tailor the UX for each driver, and lower stress by creating a greater awareness of hazards by using technologies which are assistive, not distracting.

The Solution

hedgehog lab identified how Mitsubishi could use a revamped dashboard as an opportunity to create connected cars, placing focus on how technology could alter driver experiences from home, while in the vehicle, while driving and at their destination.

By launching a companion app, drivers can track fuel and servicing requirements from the comfort of their home. Owners can also study the usage of their vehicle, increasing both safety and security.

Within the vehicle, artificial intelligence could be used to learn about vehicle users and could help cars to become smarter - with journey mapping, traffic updates and travel advice provided before setting off. Voice recognition can be used to identify the driver, saving the need to interact with the dashboard via touch.

On the road, a conversational user interface would deliver warnings about potential hazards and traffic updates. The dashboard user interface would adapt to after loading the profile of the driver, with the UI based on driver age, weather conditions and the purpose of the trip.

On arrival, the companion app can deliver maintenance alerts when needed and provide smart notifications to the user, providing reminders to perform vehicle maintenance before next setting off. The app would also have a parking timer feature, helping remove the risk of receiving a ticket!

"Our concepts received a great response from the team who lead the Connected Car efforts in-house at Mitsubishi, and we are excited to see our visions come to reality in future car launches."

Sarat Pediredla, Co-Founder & CEO at hedgehog lab

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