Northumbrian Water

The Problem

When Northumbrian Water set a goal of becoming the utilities industry's most innovative company, they turned to us for assistance in reshaping the way they think and help them meet their objective.

In 2015, Northumbrian Water first contacted us requesting we lead the UX and Design side of a Design Sprint that'd help them to reimagine digital billing using emerging technologies.

Since, we've worked alongside the company in a number of innovation sprints and projects. The company were particularly keen to find a way to capitalise on the versatility of voice and find unique ways to wow their customers and stand out from their competitors.

Throughout our relationship, Northumbrian Water have also held an annual innovation festival in Newcastle upon Tyne, and have sought consultancy around the content of their sessions each year.

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The Solution

Having helped Northumbrian Water become their sector's leader in innovation, they became our first official innovation partner in early 2018 - a sustained commitment to consolidating their position.

Having proven our credentials by reimagining billing for businesses and households using rising tech such as augmented reality, Northumbrian Water were keen to see how else we could assist them.

We set out to identify how the company could benefit from the rise of voice-activated products. Soon after, we began the development of two Alexa Skills, one for customers to use for reporting issues and billing, and another for NWG workers out in the field.

During development of the Skills and planning for their 2018 Innovation Festival, we agreed and announced an official partnership. We're now working alongside Northumbrian Water continuously, helping them push boundaries and improve customer experience.

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"Our partnership with hedgehog lab allows us to lead the way, try new things and push new boundaries as we continue to strive to be the best water company in the country."

Nigel Watson, Northumbrian Water Group Information Services Director.

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