Partnering with a fresh brand to forge a new path in the crowded photo app market

The Problem

A legendary name in the photography world was looking to launch a new brand, PixPax, to the UK market that tapped into the resurgent appeal of retro photo prints.

Despite a crowded marketplace, the company was keen to energise younger people into printing photos through a new mobile photo printing app and required a partner that was more than just an app developer to help them realise their vision.

The new app would be part of a wider refresh of the legendary photo brand and marked its first foray into the photo printing app market, placing major importance on their go-to-market strategy.

The Solution

Launching in such a crowded marketplace, the PixPax app needed to stand out and to do that it needed to be fun, brash and intuitive.

It needed to provide a smooth user journey from uploading and editing to ordering and delivery. It needed to do it with a sense of style that would ensure users would keep coming back, and positively share their product experience with friends.

Most importantly, the photography brand required a partner who could carry out extensive user research to help them understand their target users and to hone their go-to-market strategy in order to differentiate the app from the wealth of competitors out there.

The Product

Launching on iOS and Android, the PixPax app provides a new spin on the now tried and tested photo printing app with its free retro prints and extensive editing tools.

Users are able to upload their own personal photos to the app and apply various filters, images and text before ordering and paying for their prints through the app.

Utilising a bright and bold interface, in conjunction with an intuitive user journey and personable content, the app is simple to use and has been specifically designed to appeal to a younger creative audience. Users are also able to order extra prints and accessories all through the app with a seamless experience moving from in-app ordering to real-world deliveries.

The app has proven a huge success with users, garnering a loyal fanbase from a standing start with purchase conversions seven-times the industry average. In August, the app was also featured as App of the Day on the App Store.

“hedgehog lab's level of investment in the project stood out to us from the outset. They take pride in making their work as consumer-centric and engaging as possible.”

Paul Davey, Marketing Manager, PixPax

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