Creating a seamless user journey for a prestigious pharmaceutical organisation

The Problem

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) is a professional member body for pharmacists and pharmacy. Accredited by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), they provide guidance and support to those in the profession. To do so successfully, they required an app that would deliver medicine information effectively.

The RPS’ vision is to become the global leader in the safe and effective use of medicines. Every year, they produce an in-depth pharmaceutical book with essential information around prescribing pharmaceuticals. They had digitised it through an app, but feedback from the industry professionals that use it demanded critical changes.

Every time that Android or iOS released an update, issues would occur. The app’s technology was severely outdated, so the decision was made to rebuild it entirely. They needed a partner who could ensure that the app would move as fast as the world of digital, so they approached us.

The Solution

Over 50,000 professionals relied on the existing RPS app – 10,000 of which used it when prescribing medicines. Whilst the content of the app itself didn’t need to change, an enhanced user experience was crucial. We created an app that met this vital need.

RPS approached us in 2019 after hearing about our expertise in user experience and design. This was critical to their project – they needed a complete overhaul of their app so it would be fit for purpose. It was important to build two clearly defined versions: one for providing pharmaceutical information to adults, and one to children. RPS additionally wanted any new data inputted into the app to appear as a push notification.

To develop a roadmap for their application, we liaised closely with the client – visiting their site in London, and hosting them at our own headquarters in Newcastle. This allowed us to create an app that would meet both their current and future requirements. As they’re heavily regulated, ensuring we understood (and helped them comply with) best legal practices was key.

The Product

Our application includes a new user interface that works seamlessly to deliver the right information to every pharmacist, doctor and dentist – and all without any technical issues.

The app enables a smooth user experience, and has been built with a backend interface to ensure that information can be updated regularly. Given the dynamic nature of healthcare information, industry professionals can now be certain that the app’s content is accurate.

We were due to launch the RPS’ new application in early 2020. However, like many organisations, the global coronavirus pandemic caused a shift in focus to other priorities.

The app launched in Q3 2020 and has already helped thousands of medical professionals across the UK provide effective care in these trying times.

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