The Problem

Acknowledging the potential that emerging technologies have concerning the personalisation of banking experiences, Santander tasked us to identify ways to use such tech to more effectively engage their customers.

Having carried out analysis to investigate what customers thought about Santander's banking services, we wanted to delve deeper into how customers interact with banks on a day-to-day basis.

Our additional analysis revealed that rising technologies are causing a shift in the sector. No longer do customers feel face-to-face contact is necessary to build a relationship with banks, but customers do want to feel like they're receiving an experience tailored to them.

While the majority choose to bank digitally, mobile banking is outperforming desktop banking for the first time. Our design sprint helped Santander Mexico to identify the role emerging technologies could play in a new era for the industry.

The Solution

We classified our concepts into three groups, identifying how tech could be used to improve banking on the go, make it more accessible in the home and revive it on the high street.

We wanted to ensure Santander customers could find banking on the go exciting, reliable and trustworthy. We presented the bank with ideas around how they could use augmented reality (AR) to create tailored retail experiences, leverage artificial intelligence and chatbots to take advantage of a rise in online chat usage, and more.

Our team also acknowledged the need to adapt to how customers bank in the comfort of their own homes. Our innovative ideas included the introduction of a voice-activated product, the use of AR to allow the customer to perform analysis on spending as well as mixed and virtual reality to bring the bank manager to them.

Finally, we felt that technology could yet reverse the trend concerning in-branch banking. Our suggestions included the launch of AR touchpoints which deliver tailored advertising and assistance, connected ATMs to increase efficiency and self-service applications hosted on tablets.

"Our research showed that customers wanted banks to tailor experiences to them. We developed concepts using AR, MR and mobile technologies to enhance banking moments. Santander were delighted with the results, and we look forward to implementing some of this vision with the team."

Patrick Richardson, US Managing Director at hedgehog lab

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