Building a streamlined patient journey for an international aesthetics company

The Problem

Sinclair Pharmaceuticals are a global market leader in aesthetics. They support physicians with training, practice development and business optimisation. As such, they needed a tool to alleviate the manual nature of recordkeeping for their clients.

Sinclair’s vision is to deliver unmatched clinical treatment outcomes for patients and create enhanced practical value. Part of their service is to introduce clinics to cutting-edge digital platforms that enable their physicians to more easily communicate with patients.

To help achieve their vision, they needed a partner to assist them in creating a smoother patient journey through an advanced application. Enter: hedgehog lab.

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The Solution

Sector professionals across Europe rely on Sinclair. They therefore required a solution that would speak to a global audience. We designed an app that could be used in different languages, and consider distinct legal requirements.

Sinclair came to us at the beginning of 2018 after hearing about our industry reputation building transformative apps within the healthcare industry. They required a way for physicians to take before and after photos of patients, confirm where work was to be carried out, and receive their sign-off for the services.

We put together a plan: an application which would allow for a centralised method to both capture and record patient information – and still meet the necessary legal and regulatory standards.

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The Product

Our iOS tool enables Sinclair’s clients to carry out their procedures more effectively and safely, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The app has been built for a global market, and is supported in multiple languages. It has been rolled out to all of Sinclair’s partner clinics.

Sinclair’s recordkeeping app was officially launched with a full feature list. Physicians can easily snap photographs before and after they perform treatments, plus mark up these images with notes. The data is safely stored in the patient’s records. They can draw facial mark-up to show the site of injections to the patient.

A checklist helps users follow the correct procedures – telling them what needs to be completed and ensuring all criteria has been met. The app can even be used for training.

Sinclair have been able to streamline the customer journey. There has been a substantial amount of time saved by moving away from paper-based documentation. Plus, their electronic patient records are immediately accessible from the app’s back-end, which they can run themselves too. Ultimately, partnering with hedgehog lab has helped them to drive clinic success worldwide.

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