Government Public Sector

Solve critical societal challenges through creative, improved digital services. 

Problem-solving tech solutions for the public sector.

Leverage technology to solve critical societal challenges through creative, improved digital services. As an accredited supplier of the UK Governments Digital Outcomes and Specialists 5 frameworks, we work with a range of public sector organisations and government bodies to develop digital solutions that align with end-user needs and robust service standards.

We can work alongside existing teams or independently to define and deliver solutions across a range of technology services. With demonstrable expertise across the entire application lifecycle, we leverage agile methodologies to validate assumptions, run iterative delivery cycles and put the user at the heart of everything we deliver.

Our Capabilities

Service delivery

We take a holistic, end-to-end approach to development, delivery and communication that guarantees an effective, user-focused digital service. Combining agile delivery methodologies with solid project and product management enables us to manage the full product lifecycle.

User research

Each piece of technology we produce is built on a foundation of solid user insights that are gathered and analysed through every stage of a project. We leverage qualitative and quantitative methodologies alongside consistent usability testing to inform evidence-based personas, user journey maps and prototypes.

User experience

Our expert UX team design elegant, usable custom interfaces and experiences informed by user needs and behaviours. From rapid prototyping and interaction design to service design and user experience strategy, we put validated user insights at the heart of everything we deliver.

Software development

With expansive experience across Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development and API development, our focus is always on ensuring the final solution is built with security, performance and usability at its core.

Testing & auditing

To ensure system compliance across a range of standards and specifications, we work closely with a range of organisations to conduct independent software audits and application testing – clearly identifying and documenting any bugs or issues along with proactively suggesting solutions.

Product management

Fusing methodology with both customer and stakeholder needs, our product managers are outcome-focused and driven by profound problem-solving capabilities. Leading one or multiple agile delivery teams, we can confidently iterate existing products as well as produce innovative, value-led digital solutions.

Central Government

Driving positive change in the way central government functions.

Our expertise lies in harnessing cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations, enhance tax payer engagement and promote transparency in government processes. 

Whether it’s designing user-friendly mobile apps for efficient public service delivery, implementing robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive data, or developing data analytics tools for evidence-based policymaking, our team has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in the public sector. 

Through close collaboration with government departments, we have not only met but exceeded expectations by fostering digital transformation and ultimately, driving positive change in the way central government functions.

Local Government

Improved engagement, smarter decision-making and enhanced security.

Developing our offerings for Local Government, we have increased our ability to provide tailored digital solutions at a local level. Our team understands the intricate needs and challenges faced by local authorities, and we have successfully leveraged technology to address them. 

Whether it’s developing user-friendly mobile applications to improve tax payer engagement and service delivery, implementing data analytics tools for smarter decision-making, or enhancing cybersecurity to protect sensitive information, we have a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions. 

Through close collaboration with local government entities, we have played a pivotal role in modernising their operations, promoting transparency, and ultimately, improving the quality of services available to the communities they serve. 

Our commitment to driving positive change within the local government sector remains unwavering, and we continue to push the boundaries of what technology can achieve in this crucial domain.

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