Cloud & DevOps

By combining cloud computing and DevOps, businesses can achieve the agility, digital transformation, and problem-solving capabilities they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. 

Agility, digital transformation and problem-solving with cloud computing and DevOps.

Cloud computing and DevOps are two essential components of any successful digital transformation strategy. Cloud computing provides the scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness that businesses need to innovate quickly and efficiently. DevOps helps businesses automate and streamline their development and deployment processes, which leads to increased agility and problem-solving capabilities.

There are many different cloud computing platforms available, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Each platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to choose the one that best meets your specific needs.

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). DevOps helps to break down the silos between these two teams and to create a more collaborative and efficient environment.

By combining cloud computing and DevOps, businesses can achieve the agility, digital transformation, and problem-solving capabilities they need to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

  • Scalability: Cloud computing is scalable, so businesses can easily add or remove resources as needed. This can help businesses to save money and to avoid overprovisioning.
  • Flexibility: Cloud computing is flexible, so businesses can easily change their computing needs as their business grows or changes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Cloud computing can be cost-effective, especially for businesses that have variable workloads.
  • Agility: Cloud computing can help businesses to be more agile, as they can quickly and easily deploy new applications and services.
  • Digital transformation: Cloud computing can help businesses to transform their businesses by enabling them to adopt new technologies and processes.
  • App and infrastructure modernization: Cloud computing can help businesses modernise their applications and infrastructure, which can improve performance, security, and reliability.
  • Problem-solving: Cloud computing can help businesses solve problems quickly and efficiently by providing them with access to a wide range of tools and resources.
  • Cloud transformation: Cloud transformation is the process of moving to the cloud. It can be a complex process, but it can be made easier by using a cloud computing platform and DevOps practices.

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From innovative start-ups to large, established household names, our team has worked globally across some of the most exciting and advanced industries. We’ve seen first-hand what it takes to build the best web applications on the market and are happy to share our insider secrets to help you succeed.

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Building a development team is hard. We’ve experienced it first hand and have used our expertise to build and grow one of the best development teams in the UK. Whatever your requirements, our team can deliver projects at any scale and with a varied mixture of popular development stacks.

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We approach projects by goals and objectives, not purely by features. This ensures your roadmap is always focused on moving the needle and pushing your business forward where it counts.

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With expertise and capacity across product, development, and delivery, we can adjust our offering to fit your needs like a jigsaw. We typically get the best outcomes for our clients when we own the entire project end-to-end.

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We minimise business risk by putting the end-user at the centre of everything we do. This allows us to validate hypotheses quickly and early in our process and obtain valuable information that influences the product direction for the better.

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