A truly human podcast.

The Humanistech podcast was created to traverse the compelling and often complex intersection of business, technology and life. The triumphs, tricky parts and turning points.

Our informal chats span past, present and future. From career-shaping moments to character-defining milestones, the tech that’s made a difference and the ‘one big thing’ worth sharing – we shine a light on the good stuff and try to make sense of the struggles. Grab a coffee and join us through our exploration of humanistech.


Ryan Scaife

Sarat Pediredla

Edward Marshall

Ray Clarke

Ep. 2 – The One with the Life Lesson

Our CEO and co-founder, Sarat Pediredla, is joined by Vinay Parmar, former Chief Customer Experience Officer for National Express. As the founder and CEO of Dhruva Star, he invites us to rethink the customer journey, crafting experiences that not only give businesses a competitive edge but also redefine the playing field, in this episode.

Feb 2024 – 36 min

Ep.1 – The One about Flutter & Google

Patrick Richardson, is joined by Leigha Jarett, Flutter Product Manager at Google. From majoring in Fine Arts to working as a Data Scientist for Pepsi – Leigha discusses how she found her way to the Google Cloud Platform and what the Flutter team will work on in 2024.

Jan 2024 – 18 min