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This free whitepaper assists in understanding the design and architecture of native & hybrid apps, explores their differences and evaluates the factors involved in choosing the right application by focusing on the following aspects:

  • Functionality
  • User Experience
  • Monetizing Opportunities
  • Advantages / Disadvantages


What can innovation do for your business?

Back in March, Sarat Pediredla - hedgehog lab's co-founder and CEO - invited me and four others to a meeting. With the company becoming an increasingly respected and prominent player in the tech market, he explained that he would like us to deliver a seminar - and would give us the creative freedom to decide how we went about it. Things got off to a good start: within two minutes, we had agreed on a basic idea of what we were looking to achieve...



Nokia’s budget phone Comeback - What’s the strategy?

By today's standards, the handset looked crude. It even relied on green and red stickers to indicate the buttons used to start and end a call. But there was a lot of affection for it, making it the go-to choice, for example, for teenagers looking for their first phone. And as to its technical capabilities: who could complain about a battery life of 30 days on standby, or 22 hours of use from a single charge? 



Five key 'A's announced at Google I/O

From day 1 Google has been working on making it easier for users to find what they are looking for - and to do so instantly. As part of this, it has branched out into multiple platforms, from Search to Maps, Android to Youtube. And now the company has shifted its focus completely to AI, or Artificial Intelligence.



VR, AR & MR have a future that transcends gaming – the use case most often associated with immersive tech. We are far more excited at the prospects this has for education and training.

In this design formula we address the emergency services, a sector where we think innovation in training with immersive tech could be invaluable, discuss what is already out there and then come up with our own suggestions for innovative products.

  • Why VR to educate?
  • What sectors are using VR in training?

  • Types of immersive tech
  • Emergency services training


An Introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain

The new found love and intrigued interest in Bitcoins and Blockchains and recognising them as potential disruptors in the financial sector is certainly encouraging. At least, it lets us know that this industry does not take innovations at face value, unless and until the technology proves its mettle. 



How can mobile facilitate in corporate training for organisations?

Training is an integral part of any organisation. It helps enhance employee skills and keep them updated on the latest developments in their industry, acquire new skills and review the existing ones. A good training program enables the companies to manage and train their present team which sometimes reduces the need for additional recruitment as well.


How essential is humour for a better user experience

"There is an app for that". This one line has potentially defined a bulk of the innovation that has happened in the past few years. Apps have become the centre of our lives, homes, work places, and even vehicles now. We interact with them at almost every stage of our daily lives, but yet, these apps remain direct and to the point interfaces which do not gain a personality for themselves.


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