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This eBook explores the breakthrough technologies rapidly collaborating to alter our automotive experience, and how they are ultimately leading us to the creation of an ecosystem of smart, autonomous and connected vehicles. Within our eBook, we explore:

  • Using AR & VR to sell cars.
  • How app developers can improve fleet management using smart cars.
  • Why mobile will drive the future of motor insurance.
  • How wearables could improve auto manufacturing.
  • The ways mobile app developers can change your driving experience.


The explosive rise of augmented reality presents a number of opportunities and challenges for developers. Learn more about the technicalities of AR and AR applications, as well as:

  • AR development software such as ARKit, ARCore, Daqri-ARToolkit and more.

  • The industries AR applications will transform.

  • Considerations in building an AR Toolkit

  • The future of AR development.


One in five school children are believed to suffer from ADHD. In the past 8 years alone, there has been a 42% increase in diagnoses of the disorder. Here we explore how immersive technology can play a role in identifying and treating the disorder. Furthermore we:

  • Explore the rise of Virtual Reality

  • Investigate ADHD as a disorder

  • Endorse currently available VR education applications

  • Transport

  • Propose a new VR application designed to provide an alternative to high-risk medical treatments


Neither novelty value nor ‘cool factor’ will bring wearables to the fore. Instead, the data that this technology generates will drive market growth. Learn how data from wearables can transform healthcare, all whilst leading to the disruption of a number of other industries, including but not limited to:

  • Retail

  • Manufacturing

  • Insurance

  • Transport

  • Entertainment


This free whitepaper will help you understand about the different enterprise apps. The highly researched whitepaper clears the dilemma of choosing between Commercial off the shelf options and Custom mobile solutions for your enterprise app based on the following factors:

  • Functionality
  • Operating System
  • Backend integration
  • Performance
  • Security and Cost
  • User interface
  • Deployment


This free whitepaper assists in understanding the design and architecture of native & hybrid apps, explores their differences and evaluates the factors involved in choosing the right application by focusing on the following aspects:

  • Functionality
  • User Experience
  • Monetizing Opportunities
  • Advantages / Disadvantages


What can innovation do for your business?

Back in March, Sarat Pediredla - hedgehog lab's co-founder and CEO - invited me and four others to a meeting. With the company becoming an increasingly respected and prominent player in the tech market, he explained that he would like us to deliver a seminar - and would give us the creative freedom to decide how we went about it. Things got off to a good start: within two minutes, we had agreed on a basic idea of what we were looking to achieve...



Nokia’s budget phone Comeback - What’s the strategy?

By today's standards, the handset looked crude. It even relied on green and red stickers to indicate the buttons used to start and end a call. But there was a lot of affection for it, making it the go-to choice, for example, for teenagers looking for their first phone. And as to its technical capabilities: who could complain about a battery life of 30 days on standby, or 22 hours of use from a single charge? 


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