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Financial apps - How to pick the best?

Financial management is rarely quite as straightforward as it sounds, the complexity of budgeting combined with monitoring expenditure being tough, tiring and tortuous even at the best of times. Thankfully, though, some brilliant apps can make the process easier. Here, we look at some of the best currently on the market.



Virtual Reality - The Innovative Game Changer

As part of our immersive strategy, my team and I spend most of our time researching technological advancements taking place across the globe. This is to ensure our clients - and indeed consumers - can make informed choices, particularly when it comes to talking to us about building stunning apps. Recently, our focus has been on virtual reality (VR), which, as my colleague Gopal Iyer highlighted in a previous blog, is set to be a game changer, shaping the future of things yet to come. 



What Microsoft can do to better its health offerings

Issues with current health apps


In our previous segment on digital health, we outlined the plethora of apps available on both iOS and Google’s Android platform. As staggering as it sounds, the number is around 165,000 and, with more and more people starting to focus on health and well-being, that’s only bound to increase.



Using a Domain Model for API Documentation

I was recently asked to do some domain modelling for a project I was working on. After years of practicing outside in Test-driven development (TDD) and using it as a design tool, the first thing I asked myself was: what would it be like to go back to the design-first philosophy? Would a fluent API still emerge and would integration be proved right from the start of the development? I was curious to find out.



Immersive Technologies - The future seems to be bright.

As a social scientist, I'm often asked interesting questions by academic colleagues, who have, now and then, challenged me on my fervour for tech. One such question to crop up recently was: 'Do you sense any future for Virtual Reality?' The questioner elaborated by pointing out that Google Glass had seemingly hit the rocks. So were there actually any potential uses for VR - and could it really be deemed a game-changer?



Understanding the changes in iOS 10.3 Beta

Earlier this week Apple introduced a series of betas for their main platforms. iOS 10.3, macOS Sierra 10.12.4 and tvOS 10.2. For the past few years these mid cycle releases of a major OS revision have often had new features, last year with 9.3 bringing multi user accounts for education and NightShift to iOS. This year is no different.



How to implement mobile verification to ensure the best security?

As more and more transactions are being carried out online, growing swathes of personal information - including sensitive financial data - are being sent over networks of varying security, exposing internet users to potential threats from the so-called ‘crackers’.



The Surging appconomy

We live in a growing appconomy - a term I’ve admittedly coined myself, but one I hope gives a sense of how huge the app market is set to become. And, with over a decade’s experience of building quality apps behind us, we’re well placed to comment when we predict positive trends for the future.


Emerging Digital Trends - Series 2

In our previous blog on digital trends, we shared some thoughts on those we believe could significantly change how humans live and work - from Chatbots to Blockchain. In this post, the second of the series, we will look at others with immense potential to disrupt the future of the business world.


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