10 Essential iPad apps to boost your productivity


23rd January 2020


5 min


Krishna Pediredla

There’s no denying that the iPhone was revolutionary‚ but the iPad has had an even greater impact on the market. When iPad launched there were practically no other competitors. In fact‚ when the iPad launched there was no real ‘tablet’ category at all.

With the iPad‚ a new concept of technology was born. It opened the door to hundreds of other manufacturers to create unique devices which would enable users to experience something between a mobile device and a personal computer or a laptop.

Along with this new category came hundreds of innovative apps and services to support this revolutionary form factor‚ designed to work intuitively for the user. A tablet was like a book in their hands; it was light enough to carry and did not require a bulky keyboard to interact with instantly. All the user had to do is pick it up and use their finger to interact with the device. 

Despite its successes‚ it hasn’t all been rosy for this amazing device‚ and demand has been decreasing somewhat. Two of the biggest reasons for this are the release of new iPhones from the 6+ onwards (which moves into the ‘Phablet’ category – a tablet-sized device with the functionality of a phone)‚ and the lack of decent iPad app support from brands and mobile app developers.

A lot of brands and app developers simply try to replicate the smartphone or web version of an app for the iPad‚ completely overlooking the fact that the usability demands of this device are very different to that of a laptop or mobile phone. iPads have large screen real estate and a different set of interactions‚ which can be harnessed to create some beautiful applications.

Apple display with keyboard and mouse on a desk with an ipad on top of the keyboard displaying the app store

We have always loved the iPad and known the extensive capabilities of this device. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of essential apps that we think work wonderfully on the iPad – especially in improving your productivity:


Pocket is one of the best apps to use on the iPad‚ allowing you to sit back and read through all the articles that have been saved for later from various locations into Pocket. It feels like creating your very own personalised magazine‚ full of articles you really want to read.


Basecamp has been one of the most successful SAS businesses for a while. Creating a central online location where team members can discuss projects‚ manage their development and take care of various other processes in their organisation‚ it works seamlessly on the iPad‚ which is perhaps one of the reasons behind its success.


We love the Feedly app – its easy-to-use UI enables you to quickly scan an overview of the article‚ to decide if you want to read it in full.


LinkedIn is an essential social network for anyone looking to manage their connections and professional life. Increasingly‚ LinkedIn is becoming a source of professional content‚ where users can find articles relevant to their position or industry. On the iPad‚ users can easily access information and content‚ with a simple but effective functionality.


The iPhone‚ iPad‚ and now the Apple Watch are bringing us ever closer to a paperless world. Yet there are still tasks that require professionals and individuals to use paper – a key one being signing documents. From simple authorisation letters to complicated contracts‚ when a signature is required it always involves paper. Apps like SignEasy are making it is easier for us to bring this process into the post-PC era‚ by enabling us to sign most documents on our smartphone or tablet‚ without having to print it onto a paper.


Things was one of the first mobile app series that helped users manage their to-do lists effectively using technology. On the iPad‚ it enables users to not just manage their to-do’s‚ but also create various projects to categorise their lists properly. By syncing with the iPhone‚ a user can create to-do lists on their smartphone‚ then work on them via their iPad.

Post-it Plus

Post-it notes have been the bread and butter of every plan‚ strategy or discussion in the professional world for decades. No matter how much technology has improved‚ the ability to quickly write on a note and stick it in a series to plan the process is amazing. The Post-it Plus iPad app allows you to do this on your tablet‚ to virtualise this classic concept.


Slack has been one of the most successful start-ups in the previous few years. It took no time for this amazing system to become one of the most widely used communication tools for professionals worldwide. Along with its amazingly simple communication system‚ Slack also allows integration with other systems‚ enabling users to build an ecosystem for all of their work within a single platform.


A favourite of the Marketing Team here in the lab‚ Trello is an excellent tool for task management and is flexible enough to be used in both a personal and professional capacity. The Trello iPad app (optimised for iPad Pro)‚ launched in 2013 and features a number of keyboard shortcuts and adjustments for the device. 

Grammarly Keyboard 

Another app popular with hedgehogs‚ Grammarly’s Keyboard app helps save time‚ avoid mistakes and boost confidence when writing. The app integrates seamlessly into other apps‚ allowing you to write free of errors‚ and even pulls in words added to your own dictionary – particularly handy for us marketers!

These are just 10 of our favourite apps the hedgehog team uses on a daily basis. There are thousands of apps available for the iPad with the potential to revolutionise the way we live‚ communicate‚ and work.

The agility of the device makes it ideal for industries such as education‚ transport‚ manufacturing and hospitality‚ and with quality app development the iPad offers a relevant and very different functionality to that of a smartphone or laptop.