3 ways usability testing will improve your app


5th October 2021


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Ray Clarke

Our mobile and web apps solve our clients’ business problems and challenges and delight their customers. 

They are so effective because our thorough usability testing approach ensures the user experience is as smooth as possible before launch. You can read more about why our usability testing process means we’re ranked #1 in the world for app development here. 

While usability testing ensures your app is overall fit for purpose‚ there are three areas where we have seen it have a huge impact for our clients. 

Let’s take a look. 

Seamless flows

Our product delivery team works together to create user flows that set out the path a user will take to complete a task within an app. That flow could be to perform a banking transaction or purchase a product. 

A flow might appear perfect on paper but until you see a user work through it you won’t know for sure if it’s successful. Usability testing confirms that even the most complex flows are working smoothly.

Our clients really value the opportunity to see users engaging with their prototypes firsthand. Recently‚ one of our information and risk management clients observed users interacting with its app and was reassured that there were a variety of ways to complete key tasks. As their clientele features a range of Fortune 500 companies with varying needs‚ usability testing gave them the confidence that the app’s flows would offer a seamless user experience to all. 

Design details

Apps need to reflect the brand identities of their organisations but bluntly applying brand guidelines to a digital product doesn’t always give the best result. 

Usability testing allows our app designers to apply brand guidelines in different ways throughout the prototypes and observe which treatment works best for the product and audience. 

When we built a new online store for an artisan cheese company‚ we applied its brand guidelines fully at first but users found the design overwhelming. They were reluctant to use certain features of the app due to intense colours and images. 

Working with the client’s marketing team‚ we adapted the brand guidelines to provide a subtler treatment on the app‚ which encouraged users to engage with more of the content and stay on the app for longer. 

Engaging content

Apps often include a vast amount of content and it’s important that users know how to access it. 

Design has a huge role to play in signposting content and ensuring users can get to where they want or need to be. 

One of our FTSE250 financial services clients specialising in investment banking needed its app to provide guidance on financial regulations as well as several transactional features. Usability testing showed that many users were skipping past the financial regulations information without understanding the implications of the transactions they could complete on the app. Our banking app developers altered the design to make the content more visible and easier to digest‚ which led to a huge increase in the number of users engaging in the essential information. 

For Hannah Veltrup‚ a User Experience Researcher at hedgehog lab‚ even the smallest insight discovered through usability testing can make a significant difference to the success of an app. “Testing can reveal that a button isn’t clear enough or that users are becoming less engaged at specific points in their journey – these are really simple improvements that can be made or issues that can be limited before an app is launched.”

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